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How to arrange a day

The device starts with the day of its planning

Time management - the key to success in any business. You will always know what should be done and by when.

Therefore, it contributes to the rational planning in advance of the day the device.



Keep a diary. Writing the planned business, you can always check out what should have been done. In addition, if you have a well-developed visual or motor memory, the mere fact of writing will better memorization plans.


The night before, write down everything you needdo tomorrow. If you want to write the start time of the meeting or event and the planned ending. Between meetings of leave time left. Firstly, you will need to get to the place of a new meeting, and secondly, to prepare mentally, thirdly, the possible force majeure.


Next to the event or deed state the full list of everything that is useful to you: materials, tools, calls, conversations. Take care to prepare the necessary information and other means in advance.


Follow your plans so that you remainfive minutes to spare. Do not try to take them to some unplanned thing, just sit back, relax, praise yourself for the speed and quality of the work done. Then, already taking over the next case.

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