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How to make a contract of carriage

How to make a contract of carriage

Companies providing transportation services should draw up a contract with the contractors. The subject of the transaction will be these same services.

The agreement is legally binding, for its design should be treated very seriously, because it is the document regulates the relations between the parties.



Start execution of the contract, indicating the date,number and place of drawing up the document. The main body of the first list the names of the parties and the documents according to which the actors, such as the Charter of the society, power of attorney, etc.


In the first paragraph of the agreement make the informationthe subject of the transaction. Here we enter the address information for loading and unloading cargo. You can also indicate the following conditions: the presence and features of preparation, lifting or handling operations.


The second paragraph Talk about responsibilities of the parties. For example, the customer is obligated to pay for services before the due date. Artist also must meet a deadline, to ensure the safety of transported property.


In the next step, provide information about the cost oftransaction and payment procedure. For example, you can write that the work is carried out only after making a 50% deposit. The customer has to pay the invoice on the specified in the contract with the bank details. Specify the number of days during which the customer has to make the final payment.


Next Apply for an item on the liability side. We should write the amount of fine and penalties in case of violation of the terms of the account of delivery or payment. Also here include information on operating procedures for damage to property transported.


The contract is required to include an item on the order ofdispute resolution and of the agreement. If you want it to be automatically extended, make a point about the document extension. Next, write the details of the parties, sign the document and put the press organizations.


You can also make an application to thelegal document. There are usually listed here transported property, the number of objects, as well as their cost. The contract is required to refer to this list.

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