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How to arrange the 9 circles of hell

How the 9 circles of hell

In his "Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri indescribed and hell and paradise, though the first reader seems particularly interesting, because it is very much familiar images, as well as people with bright, strong emotions, a "live" and natural, than the creation of the garden.

Top 5 circles of hell

The first round is called Limbo, and in fact,speaking of him, says the poet is not so much about hell as purgatory. It is in Limbo get children who die before baptism, as well as all the Gentiles the glorious about their business. That there is Virgil, and many ancient philosophers, poets, playwrights, warriors. Limb - not a terrible place, and there is no torment, because people are on this circle are guilty only in the fact that there were no Christians in life.
Near the descent to the second krugada demon MinosIt distributes sinners according to their crime and decides who deserves some punishment with life. Once the second round, the poet sees the infernal whirlwind in which the soul endlessly circling voluptuous people. There's a lot of lovers, not parted after death, and there were Cleopatra and Helen Lovely.
The ruler of the third round - Cerberus. There he protects those who sinned during life often overeating. Souls are in this place, lying in the dirt under a terrible downpour. Going down below, in the fourth round, the poet sees the demon Ploutos - one who protects and punishes misers and spendthrifts. At this point you can see many cardinals, popes and other clerics who thoughtlessly spend the wealth of the church and stole other people's money. The fifth circle is the Stygian lowland, where the infinite sink and tormented people sin which became anger, and sloth. They are immersed in a swamp, which does not allow them to get out, but does not destroy.

Four of the lower circle of hell

The sixth circle of hell strikes fear even in thosewe just have to go through it. He is full of tombs, in flames. Of the tombs hear screams trapped inside a heretic, ever burning and not burning. To pass between them, we have to tread very carefully, because the seventh circle is a narrow road, and around the blazing fire. Near the following "floor" hell Virgil and Dante sees the Pope's grave Anastasia, who also received his punishment for heresy.
The seventh circle is a compressed mountainsarea, in the midst of a bloody boiling river flows. It is infinitely cooked tyrants, rapists and robbers and the centaurs shoot those wicked arrows. It was there that the poet sees the Minotaur and the centaur Nessus. Accidentally broke one of the branches of the bush, when he saw the black blood and heard the anguished groan, he learns from his escort, that in these bushes enclosed showers suicide. There are tormented, burnt with fire, those who indulged in homosexual love, and among them Dante's teacher Brunetto Latini.
Going down to the eighth circle on a flying beastHerion, the poet sees the 10 trenches - one on offense. There are languishing women seducers, flatterers, traders church office, sorcerers, corrupt hypocrites, thieves, treacherous counselors, sowers of discord and alchemists. Finally, the ninth circle of hell - this icy lake, in which Lucifer forever torturing traitors, including Judas, who went against the native people, murderers, torturers.

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