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Do the werewolves exist?


Werewolf as it is</a>

According to ancient ideas, there is a certain group of people able to contact animals, most often wolves, who can attack people.

In some ways this is fiction, but there are other information.

There have long been stories with a similar plot. One hunter went into the forest, where a huge wolf attacked him. The hunter will injure him in the paw, side or just stomach. Then the animal disappears in an unknown direction, and after that a person with the same wound is found in the nearby village. Strange stories, despite all the fantastic, have a completely scientific basis.

From the depths of centuries

If you slightly explode the layers of history, you canTo find out, as early as the nineteenth century, cases of so-called lycanthropy were first described. A person who fell ill with her, suffered from increased hairiness, had some body mutations, as well as certain mental disorders. Of course, he did not go to the wolf, but still behaved like this wild animal. The most interesting thing is that a person seriously considered himself just an animal or a werewolf.

It is not so difficult to find evidence of strange incidents associated with werewolves or very large animals.

In far Slavic times there were legends thatLycanthropy could be ill if you dressed the wolf's enchanted skin. But this is too far from the modern people in the historical perspective. There are cases entirely new. So, in 2005, a trucker Scott Williams told reporters that on one of the roads saw a strange beast. He tormented the killed prey and, in appearance, on one side, looked like a gorilla, or a werewolf in his classic description. Of course, the reasonable question of journalists followed, whether this vision was inspired by a chronic lack of sleep, but Williams insisted that he slept perfectly during the day to go at night, when there is no heavy traffic.
And again a bit of history, or rather, you canTo move to the eighteenth century to the south of France, where a huge cannibal-owl raged. The number of its victims was estimated in dozens. Rumors reached the king, who singled out twenty people, the best hunters, able to cope and not with such an animal. With great difficulty managed to kill the wolf, and one of the hunters assured that it was possible only after the application of a special silver bullet.

Facts and Fiction

If in early historical times there wereWerewolves, now they are already extinct, becoming a victim of silver bullets. At present, only lycanthropy remains - an officially recognized disease, which is "fought" not in dense forests, but in sterile doctors' offices. This can be ignored, but the facts remain facts - lycanthropy exists.

Lycanthropy is considered a psychological disease, but various genetic mutations are not ruled out.

Nevertheless, even today, there and hereThere are stories of encounters with the unknown. It is not known to what extent all this is justified, but - there is no smoke without fire, and therefore - everything is possible, until the opposite is proven.

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