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Do werewolves EXIST

Werewolf as he is

According to ancient ideas, there is a certain group of people who are able to apply to the animals, most of the wolves, which can attack people.

In some ways it is a fiction, but there are other information.

It has long history of walking with a similar plot. A hunter went into the woods, where he was attacked by a huge wolf. Hunter hurt his paw, side or just the stomach. Then the animal is hidden in an unknown direction, and then in a nearby village found the man with the exact same injury. Strange stories, despite the fantastic nature are under a completely scientific basis.

From time immemorial

If a little plow up layers of history can bedetect as early as the nineteenth century, the so-called cases of lycanthropy were first described. Man, it ill, suffering from excessive hairiness, had some mutations of the body and certain mental disorders. Of course, he did not address a wolf, but still behaved like this wild animal. The most interesting thing that a person seriously considered himself just an animal or a werewolf.

Not so hard to find evidence of strange occurrences that are linked to werewolves or very large animals.

In ancient times the Slavic legends thatlycanthropy could get sick, if you wear the enchanted wolf's skin. But it is too far from modern people in a historical perspective. There are cases of quite new. So, in 2005, a trucker Scott Williams told reporters that one of the roads saw a strange beast. He tormented killed prey and mean on the one hand looked like either a gorilla, or at the werewolf in the classical description. Of course, followed by a reasonable question of journalists whether there was a vision inspired by a chronic lack of sleep, but Williams insisted that the sleep off the day perfectly, to go at night, when there is dense traffic.
Again, a bit of history, but rather, can bego back to the eighteenth century in the south of France, where raging huge wolf-eater. The number of his victims is estimated in tens. Rumors reached the king, who has allocated twenty people, the best hunters, able to cope with not such a beast. With great difficulty, managed to kill the wolf, one of the hunters claimed that it was only possible after the application of a special silver bullet.

Facts and Fiction

If in early historic times and have beenwerewolves, and now they are already extinct, the victim of silver bullets. Currently, there is only lycanthropy - officially recognized as a disease, which "fight" is not in the dense forests, and in the sterile doctor's office. This may not notice, but the fact remains - there is lycanthropy.

Lycanthropy is considered a psychological disorder, but is not excluded different genetic mutations.

However, today there, herethere are stories of encounters with the unknown. It is not known how all this is justified, but - there is no smoke without fire, but because - everything is possible, until proven otherwise.

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