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Are there any stresses in children?


The speed of life is constantly growing, and such a phenomenon,As stress, is more and more often. But the statistics of children's stresses, which number becomes more and more unpleasantly surprises, because kids react sensitively to the mood and emotional state of adults.

Are there any stresses in children?



Children develop neuroses, when parents evenDo not try to keep yourself from splashing out stress on the child. Although they have their own reasons for stress is enough. After all, most often it can be caused by any changes in the life of a small person. The causes of stress in children can be: weaning or entering the kindergarten - at the youngest age. Parents' quarrels, moving to a new place of residence or even going to a hairdresser - for children a little older. Beginning of school life, misunderstanding of one of the school subjects or a quarrel with a best friend - in schoolchildren.


All children are different and stressfulReact differently. The same situation with different children sometimes has quite the opposite effect. However, the symptoms of stress in children are often similar: the child's behavior changes, he becomes withdrawn and less sociable, sleep and eating are disturbed, and stuttering can sometimes occur. All this - the negative consequences of the influence of emotional stress, which attentive parents can not help but notice. And once noticed, you need to try to help your child get out of the stressful state.


Of course, before the stressful state is better notTo make possible difficult situations. But if the parents notice signs of changing the behavior of the child, then you need to do your best to help him. The first thing you can do is watch the child: what cases or meetings with certain people disturb him most, how he reacts, if he does not like something, what can distract him from thoughtfulness or isolation, at what moments he laughs joyfully And looks happy. Based on such observations, it is possible to draw a conclusion about the causes of the appearance of a stress state. And only then try to eliminate these causes.


You can try to talk with the child, but very muchCarefully and carefully. After all, if you directly ask him: "What's going on with you?" - he is unlikely to be able to answer such a question. It is better to increase the amount of attention devoted to the child, to play together, to walk on the street, to involve him to home affairs. The child should know that the parents are nearby.


You can not aggravate the situation, especially if the parentsUnderstand that the stress of the child happened because of them, because of the transfer of adult problems to the family. If the child sees the complexity of the situation and the bad mood of the parents, it is worthwhile for him to be able to tell why this is happening, but it is necessary to convince that the problem is solved and everyone will be able to cope. The child will understand that life is not perfect, and will prepare for difficulties, but on the example of parents will see that there is no desperate situation.


Another good way to distract a child fromExperiences and to transfer stress more quietly, is a sport. You can go to the pool together, record a child for athletics, ride together on bicycles or rollerblades. Riding a horse is an ideal way to relieve stress in children. Physical stress on the body and positive emotions will help to cope with unrest.


Sometimes adults really can not allProvide and protect the child from stress. But parents can help their kid and teach him to cope with difficulties. And this skill is surely useful in adult life.

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