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Do cats-British HAPPEN Fold

Scottish Fold

British cats are a big hit with pet lovers. Many believe that the Scottish and British cats belong to the same breed, and have some differences between them

Can cats-British boast fun,ears folded forward and the other is a hallmark of the breed and what it is? Let's look a bit into the history of rock, to clarify this issue.
When a case of Scottish Fold

The main features of Scottish Fold.

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Scottish Fold breed has appeared as arecently. In Scotland, accidentally found a kitten with hanging ears, gave rise to a new breed of cat excretion differing completely original muzzle, which give a special charm of the unusual small ears.
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Scottish Fold is medium in size,elegant, long and semi-long hair, with an elongated tail, has a light skeleton. Large open eyes amber or orange color makes them look like sovyat.
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The selective process works, it was observed thatlitter born kittens, and have erect ears, which nonetheless carry the gene of lop-eared. This gene, among other things, carries the abnormality of the skeletal system, it appears, if crossbreed two lop-eared cats, which are called Scottish fold, so hybridization is strictly not allowed. Couple this cat can only be a Scottish-Straight, that is, the owner of erect ears.
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A distinctive feature of the British Shorthair.

The British - stout, stocky largecats with thick cheeks and big round as saucers eyes have long won the national love sincere. Thick dense wool, not close to the body, does not require too frequent combing and makes them look like teddy bears.
A strong nervous system, unflappable temperament, good health, attachment to the owner and a great ability to get along not only with family members, but also with other pets they have in common with the Scots.
For all his personal and always recognizablethey even looks something like the Scottish fold, causing the uninitiated sometimes questions about the definition of species, many of them are confused, but upon reading the description of each kind of those doubts disappear.
Currently, British shorthair -a closed breed, mating is only allowed within the breed. It is strictly forbidden to cross it with the Scots, despite the fact that they are similar in phenotype.
This is because the very highprobability of a birth of kittens with severe deformities in the bone system because of the gene that causes drooping ears and, at the same time, causing the fusion of the spinal vertebrae and other deformities of the bone tissue. Because of this breed scottish fold is still not recognized by FIFE system. Officially, the breed is banned in England and Germany.

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