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Hypnosis There is a distance

The term "hypnosis» (hypnos) in Greek language means a dream.

It is a state of altered consciousness of man, in which he falls under the psychological influence from the outside.

Many people confuse hypnosis with magic, but it is quiteDifferent things. Magic has a connection with the other world, whereas hypnosis - terrestrial phenomenon. Asa hypnosis - professional psychologists who have an impact on the human psyche.

Hypnosis at a distance

For a good specialist there is no obstacle. Cities, continents, islands - not a problem for a professional, because the basis of hypnosis is a person of trust and confidence in the subconscious.
The suggestion is made up of penetrationpsychological sphere of a person and of logical persuasion. It is easier to instill something to person by direct contact via phone. But this does not exclude the possibility hypnotize, for example, a letter and so forth.
Speaking about hypnosis, many are human,committing "magic" circles with his hands and saying: "Your eyelids are heavy, you sink into sleep, you sleep. . . '. But this is a common charlatan. 5 minutes is not possible to immerse the person in a trance, because the entrance to the subconscious mind is protected. It is necessary to bypass the logic to reach the goal. What man in his right mind, and the mind will allow to "dig" in his head? That is why professionals hide their secrets and techniques of hypnosis performance.

The basic principles of hypnosis

In order to hypnotize human need:
- To inspire confidence. He should be ready to open up and trust completely. Call the human trust in the distance - it's hard, but with the right approach - possible.
- To achieve total relaxation. If the process takes place at a distance, it is important the correct choice of intonation, voice timbre confidence, perhaps music.
- Use the technique of tuning. Each professional has his own method, which he is seeking a full understanding. The secret may be a certain posture, mandative tone or tender voice, massage, singing. . .

The concept of telekinesis

Human exposure distance calledtelekinesis. Unlike hypnosis telekinesis has no restrictions in the form of space. Mental suggestion can be rendered anywhere, by anyone on anyone.
Light moving fast, and the power of thought is even fasterwith the right direction. No matter where a person is necessary - thousands of kilometers away from you, "on another planet", your mind will overtake it in anywhere in the world.
Each person in a greater or lesser extent,It has telepathic abilities. In a state by changing the activity of the brain, you can hear the thoughts, and send impulses to other people, and that's when the magic is manifested in the distance. In daily training, a man quite capable of becoming a professional mind reader.

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