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Does black magic exist?


Is there a black magic</a>

Many phenomena occurring with people can not be explained scientifically.

There is a huge number of people who are confident in the reality of supernatural forces and abilities, including various types of magic.

The greatest awe, of course, is caused by black magic.

Magic - how to explain the inexplicable?

Magic is a cross betweenReligion and science, since, on the one hand, it presupposes the presence of supernatural forces and phenomena, and on the other hand, sees a causal relationship between certain actions and subsequent events. In addition, magical practices are usually aimed at achieving specific goals, albeit supernaturally.

Psychologists say that the main working force of voodoo magic is a belief that makes a person think that he is cursed and will soon die.

The history of magic and occultism begins in a deepAntiquity, when primitive people began to see in certain events the traces of the influence of inexplicable forces and to try to influence these forces. Up to a certain time, magic was not in the full sense of the word a profession, and every primitive man tried to arrange for himself supernatural forces independently with the help of conspiracies, rituals, amulets and rituals. However, with the emergence of a division of labor, the wisest members of the tribe began to deal exclusively with witchcraft and fellowship with spirits. The very word "magician" appeared for the designation of Zoroastrian priests allegedly possessing mystical possibilities.
The study and improvement of magical techniquesNever stopped, so in the modern world there is a huge number of different schools and areas of magic: from the classic voodoo to the frightening necromancy. The darkest kind of witchcraft is considered to be black magic, since it is aimed specifically at causing evil by appealing to the dark forces.
In Medieval Europe, for example, numerousWitches practiced just black magic, and the source of their supernatural power was the Devil. The main difference between black magic and other species is that its followers set themselves an objectively bad goal, which they seek to achieve through rituals and rituals. It can be the death or illness of another person, problems at work, discord in the family - in general, everything from the point of view of morality is on the side of evil intentions.

In most religions, magic is considered one of the most terrible sins, but in Buddhism, the presence of supernatural abilities is not something reprehensible.

Black magic or black soul?

Unfortunately, science can not give an unambiguousThe answer to the question: is there any magic at all? On the one hand, many phenomena can not be explained with the help of modern scientific methods, but on the other hand - even a few hundred years ago even scientists were sure that the Sun rotates around the Earth. The methods of scientific cognition are constantly evolving, therefore, it is quite possible that in the near future the presence of supernatural abilities of a person will be confirmed or disproved officially.
For the current moment, we can only say thatAfter certain magical actions, sometimes phenomena occur that are most easily explained by interference of higher forces, but a direct link can not be proved. If magic does exist, then there is also its black variety, since the supernatural forces themselves are rarely good or evil, and everything depends on the personality of the magician himself and the goals he is seeking.

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