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Are there any allergy to alcohol

Whether there is an allergy to alcohol

Alcohol has a devastating effect on the body and its use has a negative impact on the majority of organs of the human body.

Besides all this, alcoholic beverages may be a strong allergen for many people, causing redness, itching and fever.

These phenomena occur in the presence of external impurities in alcohol or the appearance of pathological processes in humans.

Alcoholic impurities

By itself, ethanol does not actas an allergen because of its structure. Alcohol is a natural substance that is produced even in small quantities in the human body. In normal functioning of the immune system of the body caught in the alcohol is not recognized as dangerous allergen, and therefore the occurrence of an allergic reaction becomes impossible.
However, most of the alcoholic beverages whichsold in stores contains various substances - dyes, impurities and other additives that cause severe allergic reactions. That these substances and cause occurrence of rashes, itching and elevated temperature. These drinks are brandy, wine and beer. Liqueur, which include herbs, plant extracts, and flavorings, may also be a cause of severe allergy.

Thus, alcoholic beverages which contain any substances other than ethanol can cause allergic reactions.

Hereditary intolerance to alcohol

However, any alcohol capablestimulate the emergence of allergic reactions. When ingestion alcohol affects the walls of the stomach and intestines, which makes them vulnerable to a hit of protein toxins and chemical compounds, some of which may turn out to be allergens. Although in this case the alcohol does not act as an allergen, it becomes a substance which provokes the appearance of allergic reactions.
Allergy to alcoholic beverages can behereditary and have pronounced symptoms. When hereditary allergy reception even small doses of alcohol can cause anaphylactic shock, which is a great threat to human health and life.

When an allergy to alcohol to exclude the use of any alcoholic beverages.

An allergy to alcohol is well and acquireddue to the use of low-quality alcoholic beverages. An allergic reaction is caused by dyes and impurities that affect the internal organs. This disease is characterized by low severity of symptoms, the list of which includes the appearance of a cold and spots on the skin, swelling of the face, rash, runny nose, palpitations, and in some cases of suffocation. Often, however, the allergy can manifest itself only on certain alcoholic products (eg, wine) represented by only a single brand.

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