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EXTEND whether aliens according to the Bible


Are there extraterrestrials according to the Bible?</a>

Recently, you can hear or read about the manifestations of extraterrestrial activity on planet Earth.

Some people consider aliens a reality, others talk about ufology as pseudoscience.

An Orthodox person can wonder what the Bible says about aliens.

The Bible does not say anything about aliens. The Holy Scripture does not say much about everything, all this because the Bible is not an encyclopaedic reference book, but a sacred collection of texts about the covenant between man and God. Everything that does not apply, even indirectly, to the relationship of man and God, to divine ordinances, does not find its reflection in the Bible. The question of extraterrestrials is no exception.

From the point of view of orthodox ChristianityAliens, as representatives of "green men" do not exist. However, in this issue it is worth mentioning about another. In particular, under the phenomena attributed to extraterrestrial forces and influences, it is possible to consider the manifestation of demonic forces. At different times the demonic influence on man was carried out in various ways. For example, the ancient ascetics and some modern saints demons appeared in their guise. The saints, according to their spiritual strength, could see them. As for the ordinary modern man, it is quite "advantageous" for devilish manifestations to acquire a different form in order to eclipse the consciousness of people. In particular, the appearance of "aliens" can be considered in this. In general, if you compare the sensations of a person from contact with devilry and from "contact with an alien", you can see absolutely identical states.

So, do not think that the BibleSays positively about aliens. There are no such words and naming of beings. And some incomprehensible manifestations of extraterrestrial force are not such, and their essence can contain a demonic temptation to corrupt the human consciousness.

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