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Do aliens exist according to the Bible

Are there aliens in the Bible

In recent years, one can hear or read about the manifestations of alien activity on Earth.

Some people believe aliens reality, others talk about the UFO as a pseudoscience.

Orthodox person might wonder what the Bible says about aliens.

The Bible does not say anything about aliens. The Scriptures do not say much about all this because the Bible - it is not an encyclopedic reference, and a holy convocation texts telling us about the covenant between man and God. Anything that does not include at least indirectly to the relationship between man and God, to the divine ordinances, not reflected in the Bible. Question about aliens is no exception.

From the point of view of orthodox Christianityaliens, as representatives of "little green men" do not exist. However, this issue is worth mentioning the other. In particular, under the phenomena attributed to the alien forces and influences, can be considered a manifestation of demonic forces. At various times, demonic effect on humans was carried out in various ways. For example, the ancient ascetics and some modern saints were devils in his guise. Saints in the extent of their spiritual power to see. As for the ordinary modern man, it is "profitable" demonic manifestations acquire some form in order to overshadow the minds of people. In particular, it can be seen the emergence of "alien". In general, if we compare the human sensations from contact with devilry and from "contact with an alien", can be seen exactly the same state.

So, do not think about what the BibleHe speaks positively about aliens. No there such words and naming things. Some strange manifestation of alien forces are not as such, but its essence can contain demonic temptation for corruption of human consciousness.

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