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Do TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT USE results for admission to MSU

Preparation for entrance exams to college

By following certain conditions for admission to college, you can not take the exam.

There are universities that accept students on this basis.

But still have to take the entrance exams.

Dream graduate school, tired of endlessExam preparation and delivery - to continue their education in this institution, for admission to which does not require the exam and exam tests. The desire is understandable, but to implement it in practice is difficult. However, there are some options that you can use to become a student of a prestigious university without the mess. But without the exams do not do any one institution of higher education.

What institutions will entrant without exam

- In the evening and distance learning in all higher educational institutions of the exam is not required in case the graduate school graduated by 1 January 2009-
- Admission to college after graduatingCollege can not take the exam only if you intend to continue their studies in a similar field. In this case it is enough to pass exams on core subjects selected fakulteta-
- Those who already have one higher education is not required to provide the results EGE-
- A similar exemption for students that takes from other vuzov-
- Those who have completed secondary education in a foreign country, the opportunity to go to college without taking EGE-
No exam can enroll in Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy and Institute of Communications, located in the same city. However, to pass the exam tests still have.

Distance learning - the output for those students who do not wish to take the exam and exams

Part-time or distance learning aremuch in common. But in the latter case, the student does not require personal presence at the sessions and exams. The whole process of learning takes place remotely, via receipt of lectures (in print and video format), training materials, implementation of control and other certification works.
diploma is issued upon completion of a high school graduatehigher education the state standard. In recent years, it is recognized by all employers and is not an obstacle for building a career. Distance learning is beneficial and that the speed of the learning process depends on the student's ability to fully grasp the knowledge and pass exams in all subjects. If a student is gifted, he can finish college and 2 years.
Probably, soon in Russia will change the situation withmandatory delivery of the exam for admission to institutions of higher learning, as all European countries have abandoned this form of certification of high school graduates by recognizing its incorrect and reduces the level of education of the population.

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