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DOES IT CONSIDER whether the results of USE on admission to Moscow State University


Preparing for the entrance examinations to the institute</a>

Observing certain conditions for admission to the institute, you can not take the USE.

There are universities that accept applicants on this basis.

But the entrance exams still have to be.

The dream of a school graduate, tired of the endlessPreparation for exams and their surrender - to continue training in such an institute, at the admission into which the USE and exam tests will not be required. The desire is understandable, but it is difficult to implement it in practice. However, there are some options, using which you can become a student at a prestigious university without unnecessary complications. But without passing the exams do not go to any higher education institution.

What institutions will admit an applicant without USE

- for evening and correspondence forms of study in any higher educational institutions, the surrender of this examination is not required if the graduate graduated from school before January 1, 2009-
- upon admission to the institute after graduationThe college can not take the USE only if it intends to continue studying in a similar specialty. In this case, it is enough to take examinations in the core subjects of the chosen faculty-
- those who already have one higher education are not required to provide the results of USE-
- a similar benefit for students transferred from other higher education institutions -
- those who received a full secondary education in a foreign country, given the opportunity to enter the institute without passing the USE-
Without EGE it is possible to enter the Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy or the Institute of Communication Pathways, located in the same city. However, you still have to pass the exam tests.

Distance learning is a way out for those applicants who do not want to pass the exam and exams

Distance learning or distance learningmuch in common. But in the latter case, the student's personal presence is not required in the sessions and examinations. The entire learning process takes place remotely, by receiving lectures (in print and video format), teaching materials, performing control and other certification work.
After graduation, the graduate is given a diploma ofHigher education of the state sample. In recent years, it is recognized by all employers and is not an obstacle to building a career. Distance learning is also beneficial because the speed of the learning process depends on the pupil's ability to fully understand the knowledge and pass examinations in all subjects. If the student is gifted, he can finish the institute and for 2 years.
Perhaps, soon the situation in Russia will changeMandatory delivery of the USE for admission to universities, since all European countries have already abandoned this form of attestation of school leavers, recognizing it as incorrect and reducing the level of education of the population.

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