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Do Arbidol used in other countries

Are Arbidol

Today, from medicine require strict compliance with many criteria.

One of them is the effectiveness of a drug - for example, often have questions about the effectiveness of "Arbidol."

Many people wonder whether Arbidol is used in other countries, because its effects are often questioned.

The effectiveness of "Arbidol"

The Russian system of certification of new drugsnot always correspond to international standards, with the result that pharmacies offer customers a large number of drugs that are not confirmed the effectiveness and safety has not been proven. Thus, the preparation "Arbidol", which is intended for the treatment and prevention of influenza, recommends itself the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia. However, does it really help?

The "Arbidol" there is a lot of domestic and less expensive counterparts, which do an excellent job with the flu virus.

In terms of current legislation,"Arbidol" is legal and completely safe. This drug is registered in Russia, and, thanks to the brilliant marketing, it is in first place in terms of sales among similar drugs. However, many pharmacologists argue that the effect of "Arbidol" is only emptied the purse, because its effectiveness has not yet been proven, and no medical organization does not belong to him seriously.

The use of "Arbidol" abroad

In foreign countries, the sale of pharmaceuticalpreparations are to seriously. No company can not register a medicine that has not passed a number of clinical studies on the efficacy and safety. Such studies require large material costs, which subsequently have to pay back the quality of the drug. Therefore, in the rest of the world, "Arbidol", which is a purely Russian drug does not produce and do not use.

In addition, all the information about a "Arbidol" comes exclusively from the manufacturer, which is an interested party.

The neighboring countries are using analogues"Arbidol" on the basis of the drug - as in Belarus sell "Arpetol" in Ukraine - "Immustat" Russia itself is also popular "Rimantadine", which is not inferior to "Arbidol" performance, but has a more low price. Raw material for the manufacture of these products delivers the plant, which produced "Arbidol."
Other countries are widely used in place of"Arbidol" such as the antiviral drug "Tamiflu", which passed all the necessary clinical studies have confirmed its safety and efficacy - in contrast to the unpredictable Russian "Arbidol."

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