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How to archive data


How to archive data</a>

Archiving data allows you to compress information, thereby making the file capacity less.

Many users will find this option unnecessary, because the capacity of modern hard drives is measured by terabytes.

In fact, archiving data is often very much in demand, for example, if the data needs to be sent by e-mail.

Or, for example, you have a need to write files to disk or reset to a USB flash drive, and the capacity of files exceeds the capacity of storage media.

You will need

  • - Computer with Windows-
  • - program WinRAR.



In Windows operating systems implementedThe ability to archive data without installing special programs. In order to archive the data, you need to right-click on the file or folder that you want to archive, and then in the resulting context menu, move the cursor to the command "Send". Then in the list that appears, select "Compressed zip folder". The archive will be saved in the same folder as the source file. The disadvantages of this method of archiving include a weak percentage of compression, the inability to set the necessary parameters for archiving.


Very convenient program for archiving dataIs WinRAR. This program can be easily found on the Internet. Download one of its latest versions and install it on your computer's hard drive. Now there are several ways to back up the data.


The latest versions of WinRAR are integrated into theOperating system. When you right-click on a file, then in addition to all the standard commands in the context menu, you should see the "Add to archive" command. Simply right-click on the file and click on this command. A window will appear where you can select additional compression options, for example, the ZIP compression method or RAR, create backup copies, etc. In the "Advanced" tab you can set the password to the archive.


There is also another way to archivedata. It will work if in the context menu you did not have the command "Add to archive". Although if you use the latest version of the program, then this should not happen. But there are all kinds. Start WinRAR. From the menu, select "Master". Then select the "Create a new archive" item and proceed further. A window will appear in which you select the data to be archived and proceed further. In the window you can select the compression level and set the password. Then select "Done". The data will be archived.

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