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Arcs for the greenhouse: varieties, assembly method


In order to make a greenhouse, it should beUse metal or PVC arcs. The latter can be bent using a mounting hair dryer. The tool should be set to a temperature equal to the limit of 180 °.

Arcs for the greenhouse: varieties, assembly method
As a frame for the greenhouse, plastic or steel arcs can be used. The principle of their fastening is similar and consists in the preparation of stakes.

The principle of assembling metal arcs

If you decide to use the role of armature forGreenhouses are metal arcs, they should be purchased in ready-made form, since it is difficult to bend the pipes themselves, and it is possible to do this under the conditions of a dacha only with the use of a special installation.

Preliminary it is necessary to prepare a box forGreenhouse. You can use wood or brick for this. Wood is mounted in the likeness of formwork for foundation pouring. The same should be done with a brick, with which you can create a box without a bottom, which will look like a rectangular or square fence.

Further in the box you can pour the soil. The next step is to prepare the fastening for the arcs. To do this, along the outer perimeter of the box, it is necessary to drive pegs, the cross section of which must be such that they can be put on a steel pipe. Pegs from the tree can be replaced with metal rods, the distance between which should not be more than 1 meter. Above the ground surface, the pins should protrude by 30 cm or more.

Now you can proceed to the assembly of the frame. Why steel arcs to wear on the stakes. If you are not building a too large greenhouse, you will need to fix on top one rod that runs along the structure. Its attachment can be made by welding. With the arrangement of a large greenhouse, the number of arcs can be increased. In conclusion, the frame should be covered with polyethylene or honeycomb polycarbonate, the latter option is most successful for metal arcs.

The principle of assembly of plastic arcs

In the case of plastic pipes, whichThey are used as arcs in the arrangement of the greenhouse, it is possible to make the work somewhat differently. Since such arcs are less durable than steel bars, it is possible not to make the arrangement of the box. Prepare a base for such a hotbed, which will have smaller dimensions compared to the above, can be the method of initial excavation.

The depth of the trench for the greenhouse should be equal toLimit of 20-25 cm. After the drainage is laid in the trench, in the role of which claydite or gravel may act, the next layer will be imported black earth.

If it is planned to equip a more capitalGreenhouse, it is possible to equip the foundation, in which the stakes made of reinforcement are mounted. For such an option of attaching the supports, a strip foundation is suitable.

For the construction of a concrete foundationDig a trench along the perimeter of the future greenhouse, equip it with a formwork, lay a pillow of sand and rubble, and after pouring concrete, mount the supports in the reinforcement, which should rise above the surface. After gaining strength, you can install tubes of PVC on the pegs, covering the hothouse with a film.

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