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April - time of summer starts


April is a good chance to meet the summer season fully armed. It's not for nothing that our ancestors said that the April winds are blowing in the granaries. This month is useful to devote not only to the first shish kebabs.

It is important to take care of seedlings

In the early spring, it's time to startSeeds with potatoes. Take the tubers from the storage, clean them from damage, disinfect them in a solution of potassium permanganate and dry them. Take away to vernalization in a light, cool place. At the end of the month, start germination. You can lay out the potatoes on cardboard boxes, sandwich it with newspapers and put it in a warm place, or drop the tubers into a nutritious mixture for seedlings.

In April, you need to carefully move around the site. If the land is still damp - you can walk only along the paths, and remove the grass from the beds - when the soil dries. It is important to drain excess water, especially from raspberries and strawberries. For this, dig a small trench. If the site has a slope - drain the water on it. If not - form grooves with a groove, setting the water direction of movement. Formed over the winter snow slides and ridges scatter around the site, so that they melt evenly.

Begin gradually "undress" plants, shelteredLapnik and burlap. Remove the layers gradually, so that plants are accustomed to light, and young shoots are not burned. Free the snow from the plants in shady places. Check the bushes and trees for damage. Remove dry and frozen branches, and cut off the broken down to a healthy tissue and lubricate the site with a garden bar. It is important to prune before sap movement.

To get rid of weeds, germinate them up toBeginning of planting. To do this, cover the beds with an old film. As soon as the pests get up, loosen the soil and cover the ground again with a film. After re-loosening weeds in the upper layer will die.

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