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Apricot & ndash- planting the cuttings and caring for the fruit tree


Apricot is a plant with a thousand-year-old pedigree, but rather unpretentious enough to grow it in its yard. Planting the cuttings and taking care of them are not difficult even for schoolchildren.

Apricot branch
Since ancient times, usefulProperties of fruits, due to the rich content of vitamins and minerals. Apricot, the leader in the content of carotene among other fruits growing in Russia, is no exception.

Origin and varieties

This fruit belongs to the genus plum, otherwise itsAlso called dried apricots or yellow-pollen. The exact origin of the apricot is unknown. According to one version, the birthplace of the apricot is Armenia, which is confirmed by its scientific name - Armeniaca vulgaris. However, most tend to believe that this wonderful fruit gave the world China, because it was there that the first mention of apricot was found.

Having passed through the time, at the present momentApricot has many varieties: from the common, growing wild bushes in the mountains of Central Asia, to Japanese, black and even Siberian. The highest prevalence of trees was in countries with a temperate climate. In Russia, apricots can be found in the southern regions of the European part, in the Caucasus and occasionally in colder regions of the Moscow region.

Apricot - a kind of long-liver, lives up to 40-50Years, but often there are trees up to 100 years old. Dimensions of the tree can also be impressive: from 5 to 12 meters. At the same time, about 5 years is required to achieve a fertile age.

Planting and care

When planting a plant, it is very important to chooseA sunny place, also try to avoid the proximity of groundwater. The best time for planting is autumn, during this period the possibility of infection of the tree with a fungus is excluded. The irrigation of the apricot tree should be carried out at least once every 2 weeks during the drought period and the active growth of the tree crown. In the future, the amount of water can be limited. Apricot trees can require fertilizer in the springtime in case the soil is not rich in phosphorus, potassium and other necessary trace elements.

Under favorable growth conditions and correctCare, flowers on the tree appear after three to four years. In order for pollination to be more effective, it is desirable that several seedlings grow on the site. Reproduction of apricots occurs in a vegetative manner or seeds. As a planting material for apricot is best to use a sufficiently developed seedling of the first year. In this case, special attention should be paid to the state of the root system, which should not have traces of drying or freezing.

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