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How to apply evenly dark varnish


How to apply evenly dark varnish </a>

Blue, black, purple, brown and other dark shades of varnish are in fashion today.

However, not all can apply them neatly.

Flows and lumens on the dark manicure are particularly noticeable.

To avoid mistakes, take your time and master some unmistakable methods of coloring nails.

Following them, you can make a beautiful manicure of a professional level.

The right choice of varnishes

That the manicure turned out beautiful, correctlyPick up the varnishes. It is best to use dark glossy enamels, which are densely laid down already in one layer. Matte varnishes emphasize the irregularities of the nails, and translucent shades are very difficult to apply evenly. If you like varnishes with sparkles, choose a small shimmer. A large glitter requires skills in applying, besides, it requires an obligatory colored substrate.
To help the lacquer to lie evenly the leveling base will help. On the even nails it is applied in one layer. If the plates are covered with grooves, apply the base in two layers, drying well each.

Very uneven nails can be ground with a special file or polishing bar.

The art of applying dark lacquer

Before you start the manicure, prepareAll necessary - varnish, base, top coat. Keep a special stick at the ready for removing lacquer stains or cotton swabs and rinse. Align the length of the nails and shape them. Do not forget to remove the cuticle and burrs. Remember that a dark color attracts a lot of attention to your hands.
To enamel has become homogeneous, flip the bottle and rub it between the palms. Do not shake the varnish - it can form bubbles that will spoil the manicure.
Apply a nail to the nail and dry it. Dip the brush into the vial with a varnish, lightly wipe it off the neck. Lacquer on the brush should be so much that it covers the nails, leaving no strips, but also not flowing on the rollers and cuticles. Place the brush in the center of the plate, closer to the base. Carefully push it to the cuticle, and then lead to the tip of the nail. Dip the brush into the lacquer again and in the same way paint the sides of the plate. If streaks are formed, wipe them with a cotton swab soaked in a nail polish remover.
Having painted a fingernail, spend brush on its end, fixing color. This method is very important when working with dark varnishes, otherwise within a few hours you will be able to see the white stripes along the edge of the plates.

Thickened lacquer will not lie flat. If the enamel has become too thick, dilute it with a special liquid.

Begin staining with the little finger of the left hand andMove to the little finger of the right. When finished, let the varnish dry and make up the second layer of nails. Try to keep it flat on top of the first one. If you go beyond the boundaries, after drying will be visible lighter areas. Check if the nails are translucent. If visible strips, apply a third coat of varnish.
Fix manicure with a thick layer of topCoating with the effect of drying. Such a top will hide possible errors and will not allow the varnish to creep and chip. The top cover can be updated daily, then the manicure will always look fresh.

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