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How to apply to the roof rubemast

How to apply to the roof rubemast

Rubemast applied to the roof with the help of bituminous mixture and a propane torch. The material is laid in two layers, and all joints are sealed by using thoroughly the same burner.

It is recommended to buy a coat with some margin.

Before starting the roof cover Rubemast,roof surface should be prepared: to remove from her all the trash and dust. When working with the material data may be needed primarily blowtorch, construction gloves, as well as bituminous primer, brush or roller, squeegee and roofing knife.

Features stacking technology

Firstly, to provide better adhesion torecommended to treat the surface of mastic does not cover itself and the roof. The width of the bed should be at least 0.5 m, and the procedure is carried out in several stages. Laying Rubemast carried out by mechanical fixation, ie the worker must at the same time expand the roll and work with a blowtorch and at the same time a free hand to press down to the surface swell place. Important: rubemast spreads overlap, the value of which should be at least 2 cm.

Installation Rubemast

Rubemast possible not only to stick to the surfaceon bitumen mastic, but also overlap with a propane torch. Covering need to buy a stock, because at least 10% of the material will be spent on the implementation of overlap and other unforeseen needs. As soon as the roof surface all the garbage will be removed and will be sealed with all the potholes, chips and cracks, you need to first coat the surface of the roof by means of a bituminous primer. Use it to fill all the pores and microcracks, bind dust and ensure maximum grip of the roof surface with the materials used.
Brush can be used to apply the primer,roller or ceiling brushes. You can do and simpler to pour it on the surface of the roof and smooth squeegee. The next stage of fitting material in situ. This will not only reduce the time required for installation, but also in material consumption. Its cutting out by means of a special knife roofing. Upon completion of this step should be rubemast again rolled up with the corresponding mark on each section of the roof, for which it is intended.
First surfaced layer - lining. It is fused using a propane torch. At the same time, and the surface, and the material must heat up evenly, but we must remember that overheating can ruin rubemast. After heating the material on its roll surface and pressed against the roof. Presses must be carefully not to damage the material.
Further, in a similar fashion the upper layer is welded. To ensure maximum reliability waterproofing, it is necessary to check all joints for leaks. If any doubt juncture, it should again torch handle and carefully pressed.

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