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How to Apply to the hair resistant paint

As applied to the hair resistant paint

Resistant hair dye able to paint the gray hair, lighten dark hair and completely change the image of women.

Following the simple guidelines, you can dye your hair yourself at home, without the help of professionals.

Resistant hair dye composition contains twocomponent: alkali which discloses hair scales and oxidant which reacts with the color pigment. The interaction of these components produce large dye molecules that are difficult to wash out of the hair. Caring components close scales back, and you get a shiny colored hair.

How to choose paint

Choosing a paint color, do not expect the tone of your hair will be exactly the same as the photo on the packaging. Check out the palette of shades on the back of the box.

Paints come in different textures. Cream paint brush should be applied to dry hair. The paint is applied as a gel brush on wet hair. A paint-mousse used as shampoo, spreading his arms across his head.

You can not dye your hair resistant paint, if beforethis hair dyed with henna. The resulting color can be unpredictable, until the green shades. Also not recommended for painting over done perm.

Resistant black paint is not paint over any light. In order to fundamentally change the hair color, you should use a wash. This is a special tool that washes the color pigment.

For hair dyes do not need to save ascheap paint can lie unevenly or cause allergies. The best option - to buy a professional paint at the beauty salon or barber shop.

How to apply paint

you need to mix all the ingredients Before painting,according to the instructions on the packaging of paint. It is better to use a plastic or glass container. Spend an allergy test, causing a bit of paint on the elbow bend.

Staining should be performed on unwashed hair, brushing the scalp at the hair line with a fat cream. Wear gloves which are usually included.

Brush or brush startdye your hair from the occipital part, causing the paint on the hair roots. Roots and paint the middle of the remaining hair and wait ten minutes. Then go on the ends of the hair brush. This time period is necessary in order to achieve a uniform color, because for the roots need more time to absorb the color.

Not zamatyvayut hair and exceeds the allotted time, staining, which is specified in the instructions. You can burn the hair, achieving a dry and brittle locks.

To consolidate the results, apply the balm that comes, or take advantage of any available balm-conditioner for colored hair.

Since the roots of the hair grow back faster than the paint is washed away, the time necessary to tint regrown roots from time to time.

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