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How to apply for the disposal of the parent capital funds under the contract of participatory construction

How to apply for the disposal of the parent capital funds under the contract of participatory construction

If you already issued certificate for maternity(Family capital), and you have decided to buy an apartment in a newly built house, the funds received from the certificate may be someone much, and someone slightly, but still ease your financial expenses.

Of course, the first to be puzzled than necessary, it is patience. Because the path to the ultimate goal is not too short.

It is cheaper and more profitable to buy an apartment in a newly builthouse on the contract of shared construction. As a rule, the price of precious square footage is slightly lower than purchasing the same apartment, but already built house. Therefore, it is necessary to begin to choose an option that suits you and contact the construction company to book an apartment for himself.

Until the child is three years old,maternity capital can be cashed only on payment of credit and interest on the loan. This means that if you do not want to wait three years, it is necessary to get a loan. Each bank their documentation requirements for credit, different interest rates, availability of co-borrowers. Refer to a few different banks, so they made the loan calculation. The amount of the parent capital in 2014 for those who do not yet used, is 429 000 408 rubles 50 kopecks. Some banks provide loan is under the parent (family) capital. In this case, you will pay only the interest on the loan, without payment of the principal debt. We chose this option. The interest rate was 15.5%. From the documents for the registration of the credit generally requires a passport and photocopy, copy of employment record, certified by the employer, information on wages from the employer for the last 6 months forme2-PIT, VAT number, a certificate for maternity capital, children's birth certificates, a preliminary contract of a joint construction, a certificate from the pension Fund of the balance of the parent capital. Help in the pension fund is preparing for three days. Another asked for help to pay for your credit history (140 rubles). After registration and verification of the security service, the bank lets you relax and promises to call back as soon as the application is approved. During the week you will be informed about the decision and invited to a credit report. After processing the loan, it will be necessary to open a bank account (500 rubles), for which you will transfer the payment of interest on which will come your 429 000 408 rubles 50 kopecks.

After obtaining a loan agreement handcontract of shared construction is given for registration at Companies House (Rosreestr). For the submission of documents to regpalatu need documents proving the identity of applicants, the treaty itself, in triplicate, a receipt for payment of registration fee and a copy (1000 rubles divided by all participants), a document object description (floor plan), if the spouse is not involved in the contract in accordance with the Family Code of the Russian Federation, these documents should be complemented by a notarized consent of the spouse to carry out the transaction (original and copy). Treaty shall be registered within 5-10 days.

With a registered contract to participate in thejoint construction will need to go to the bank and ordered the lender a certificate of size and balance of the principal debt balance of debt interest payments on the loan. And you can prepare the documents necessary for the application of the disposal of maternity capital to repay the principal and interest payments on loans for the purchase or construction of housing.

Here is what you will need:

1. certificate (original and copy)

2. The passport of the person who received the certificate (original and copy)

3. The loan agreement, payment schedules (original and copy)

4. Certificate from the bank (original)

5. The contract of a joint construction (original and copy)

6. Documents certifying the identity of all members of the family (original and copy)

7. Marriage certificate (original and copy)

8. The obligation to issue the acquired premises in the ownership of all family members. It must be notarized (issue price of 1000 rubles). For registration obligations will need to take an extract from the Chamber of Registration of title to land. Therefore, before you turn to be a notary public, call and verify exactly how the name of this statement. (Issue price within 200 rubles).

When all required documents have been collected,You can go to stand foremost in the pension fund. If you do not want to stand in line, on the site of the pension fund there is an electronic record, in addition you can sign up by calling in the separation of the pension fund or come personally.

The decision on disbursement of funds under the application is solved in a month, for another month the money will come to your account. Good luck!

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