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How to apply to a person wanted

How to apply to a person wanted

With the disappearance of the human family and the people close to him are beginning to worry about his whereabouts, to seek his own channels, to ring up the place and know where this person may be.

If their own efforts have not led to the desired result, people close to the missing person you need to contact the nearest police station for them to apply for a person wanted.



If a child is missing, parents should not spendwhile on his search for self, you must immediately seek help from the police station or to the district. Misconception formed citizens that apply for the person wanted by the police only take on the third day of his disappearance. This is not true. The application will take you to appeal to the authorities of the day.


Once you have found that person disappeared andit does not exist at a friend's, or in the usual places where it happens, immediately go to the police station. Information about the missing person can be transmitted over the phone "02". On duty at the police station to take a statement from you and give it to the direct executor. Search for missing people involved police officers from special interest groups.


If you refuse to accept the application and the references toshort term disappearance of a person, call "02" at the city police hotlines numbers or contact another strong point. Remember that by law you are required in the police to take a statement and register on the day of its submission.


You must be a close relative of the missingperson, or to accept the application on the wanted person you may be denied by the police. If you believe that a person chto-to happened, it is not a long time at the place of residence, he allegedly killed and so on, but he has no relatives or close friends, motivate the police department in their desire to apply for its retrieval, explain the situation .


To apply for a man wanted takeit with a photograph and personal documents, including its own. There will also be no harm if you leave as much information to the police about the missing person can be: what he was wearing, which is usually the case, whether the phone with him, if he had any memory problems, mental illness, and so on.


If the person using the police for a long time can not belook, post the information about it with photos to local newspapers, in the program "Wait for me." Hang ad that you are looking for this man in the city at the bus stops and other places where is crowded.

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