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How to apply for divorce

How to apply for divorce

Dissolution of marriage today, unfortunately, no surprise.

Only a small number of couples are lucky enough to live a life in peace and harmony, and the rest is left to strive for a civilized break in relations and maintain at least a friendship.



The reasons for divorce can be greatset, but you can only dissolve in two places, and the choice of location for application will depend solely on whether or not you have children together, and if there is agreement between you in need of divorce.


Childless couples consensual plantedRegistry Office at the place of residence or place of treatment. To do this, you need to contact the registrar to the joint or sole composed and signed the statement. The document must contain full details of both spouses, passport details (or the passport of the applicant only). Explained in a statement about the reason for the divorce is not necessary, it is only important indication of the absence of children.


The registrar for divorce without the consent of the second partyworth a go if you have received a court decision on the recognition of a spouse as missing, if the spouse died, or if he is sentenced to a penitentiary for a period of more than 3 years.


If a family grows together children (andbiological relationship does not matter if the spouse acknowledged and adopted children from his first marriage, children are considered jointly), to deal with the application for divorce to the magistrate will have the place of residence.


to the claim requirements are standard, youyou need to specify the complete data on themselves and a spouse, place of registration (residence permit) and actual residence, to list all the minor children and indicate their year of birth. The document will need to explain your requirements and, namely, divorce.


The application to a magistrate attach evidenceMarriage and birth certificates of children. You can specify the application and the need for registration of alimony payments to the parent with whom the children are.


In addition to the divorce and determine the place of residence of the children to the divorce process is often added to the process of division of property.

Note the dissolution of marriage and divisionproperty - these are different actions, different courts. For example, an application for division of property must be submitted to the federal, not the magistrate. This means that the justice you can dissolve and federal for another couple of months to consider your claim to the apartment, a car, as well as alimony payments.

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