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How to apply for child support in Kazakhstan

Alimony in Kazakhstan

Alimony is a material content,that one person is obliged to provide to another, who has the right to receive it. Recovery, and payment of alimony obligation in Kazakhstan is coordinated and regulated by the adopted Code "On Marriage (Matrimony) and Family".

If there is no or not executed a notarized agreement on the payment of alimony, the person interested in his pay, has the right to go to court.

You will need

  • - Application for alimony and kopiya-
  • - Original and copy of the document certifying lichnost-
  • - Paid receipt gosposhliny-
  • - Documents - marriage certificate, divorce certificate, birth certificate, certificate of paternity. Original and kopii-
  • - Reference to the child health center, that he was alive (there is a special form) -
  • - Certificate from the place of study, if the child is 18-21 years, and he is learning in school to full-time education.



Preparation of documents for transfer to the courtIt begins with the preparation of the statement of claim. It should set out all the circumstances by virtue of which the claimant is entitled to receive alimony, and the defendant - the obligation to pay these aliments. Application is necessary to fill in the pattern, be sure to register the list of documents that will be attached to it.


Make payment of state duty and make a copy of the receipt. The amount of the state tax and transfer details can be found in the Court of Chancery.


To form a package of the following documents and theircopy, duly certified - a certificate confirming the identity, birth certificate of the child (ren), the documents confirming the paternity of the defendant and the child, the address information of the plaintiff and the defendant, it is desirable, a marriage certificate, a certificate and divorce. Also prepare the information, documents and other evidence incurring child support expenses, etc. to refer to a fixed monetary amount of alimony.


More recently, the judge began to ask for help with the children's clinic. The local doctor issues a certificate stating that the child at this time is observed in clinic, is alive and well.


Since January 1, 2012 in Kazakhstan beganoperate the new law, which states that parents must keep their children up to age 21 if they are at the moment the students are schools full-time training. Therefore, if the child is over 18 years old and he is learning, you need a certificate from the place of training.


If the plaintiff is in a position, according toArticle №147 of the Code the defendant is obliged to support him financially. In this case, the court must provide a certificate from the antenatal clinic for pregnancy. Also, the court orders the plaintiff to pay child support mom to achieve their common child 3 anniversary.


Court except alimony may be required to payan additional amount of child support in exceptional cases. This can be serious illnesses and injuries, expensive education. To petition the additional amount should gather the necessary information and help.


Prepared a set of documents referred to the court at the place of residence of the defendant or the plaintiff.

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