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How to apply baby cream on face


How to apply baby cream on face</a>

Baby cream can be used not only to care for tender baby skin, but also to use it as a face cream.

It is very important to apply the cream on the skin correctly.

Baby cream and its benefits for the skin

Baby cream can be used as aMeans for facial skin care. Cosmetologists do not advise doing this regularly, since the needs of the skin of the baby and the skin of an adult are somewhat different. But sometimes you can still use it as an emollient. Children's cream for protection from cold will become indispensable in the cold season and for an adult. Such funds are designed to nourish the skin, and not to moisten it.

Baby creams, as a rule, have a very greasy texture, so they absolutely do not fit the owners of oily skin.

In children's creams there is a lotUseful components that well nourish the skin. Almost all of their ingredients are of natural origin. Many people prefer to put on the face a baby cream, because it does not contain such harmful ingredients. As, for example, benzyl benzoate, parabens, fragrances.
Children's ointment should not be applied to the face too often, because its texture is too dense and oily. This remedy may cause irritation. In addition, it is very difficult to distribute the skin.
Choosing a baby cream, you can buy evenCheap product of domestic production. Despite the low price, these creams perform all the functions assigned to them. It is advisable to avoid buying products that contain lanolin. This component is necessary for children's skin, but on the face of an adult it is able to form an invisible film that hampers the processes of skin breathing.

Lanolin glues cornified skin particles, soCreating the barrier that prevents the entry of oxygen and nutrients into the deep layers of the dermis. It is especially undesirable to apply a cream with lanolin to the untreated skin.

Rules for applying baby cream

When using a baby cream as aA number of rules must be observed. Before applying, it is necessary to cleanse the skin with the help of special means for washing and water. Then you can wipe your face with a lotion or tonic. When using a baby cream, it is very important to periodically cleanse the skin with a scrub. This is necessary in order to remove in time the keratinized particles from its surface. If shortly before applying the cream, the skin is not treated with a scrub, you can do this immediately before application.
After the face has been prepared, it is possible to apply a remedy to it. Cream will need very little. Excessive amount of funds can bring not benefit, but harm.
Apply strictly on massage lines. Do not intensively rub it, stretching the delicate skin. It's enough just to distribute the product accurately on the face.
After the cream has absorbed, you can remove it from theSurface of the skin of its surplus with a paper napkin. Before applying makeup it is desirable to cover the face with a special base that will hide the greasy sheen that often appears on the skin after using a baby cream. In some cases, it is enough to simply powder the face.

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