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How to apply baby cream on face

How to apply baby cream on face

Baby cream can be used not only for the care of delicate baby skin, but also use it as a face cream.

It is very important to apply the cream to the skin correctly.

Children cream and its benefits to the skin

Baby cream can be used asproducts for skin care. Cosmetologists are not advised to do it regularly, because the skin needs of baby skin and adult a few differences between them. But sometimes you can still use it as an emollient. Baby cream for protection from the cold will become indispensable in the cold season and for an adult. Such tools are created to nourish the skin, rather than moisturize it.

Baby creams tend to have very oily texture, so they are categorically not suitable holders oily skin.

In children there is a lot of creamsuseful components that feed the skin well. Almost all of the ingredients are of natural origin. Many people prefer to put on face cream, because it contains no harmful components. such as benzyl benzoate, parabens, flavoring agents.
Children ointment should not be applied on the face too often, because its texture is too dense and oily. This tool may cause irritation. In addition, it is very difficult to distribute on the skin.
Choosing the cream, you can even buycheap product of domestic production. Despite the low price, these creams perform all functions assigned to them. It is advisable to avoid buying those products that contain lanolin. This component is required infant skin, but on the face of an adult it can form invisible film that hinders the skin respiration process.

Lanolin glues dead skin particles, thethus creating a barrier to entry into the deeper layers of the dermis of oxygen and nutrients. Especially desirable to apply the cream with lanolin on untreated skin.

Rules applying baby oil

If you use baby oil asnutrient is necessary to observe a number of rules. Prior to application it is necessary to clean the skin using a special cleanser and water. Then you can wipe face lotion or tonic. If you use baby cream is very important to periodically clean the skin with a scrub. This is necessary in order to timely remove dead skin from the surface of the particles. If just before applying the cream skin was not treated with a scrub, you can make it just prior to application.
Once a person is prepared, it can be applied to the vehicle. Cream will need quite a bit. Excessive amounts of money can bring no benefit and harm.
Apply to be strictly for the massage lines. It should not rub it vigorously, stretching the delicate skin. Just gently to distribute the agent's face.
After the cream is absorbed, can be removedthe surface of the skin of its excess with a tissue. Before applying make-up, it is desirable to cover the face of the special base that hides the oily shine, often appear on the skin after use baby cream. In some cases it is sufficient just to powder face.

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