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The use of aluminum

Aluminum - lightweight paramagnetic metal silver having high thermal and electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance.

Aluminium is easy to machining, casting and molding, is the most abundant metal and is used in many industries.

Aerospace and Transportation Industry

Thanks to its lightness, high resistanceexcellent ductility and corrosion the metal stamping is used as a basic structural material in the aviation and aerospace industry. Of duralumin made the most highly stressed parts of aircraft:. Reinforcing set, plating, etc. It has been used in the construction of space "Moon" satellite "Venus", "Mars", he went on the moon and returned to earth. In addition, it was used as a base material for the housings of high-speed hydrofoil "Raketa" and "Meteor". As construction material aluminum has a significant drawback - low strength, so now it is gradually beginning to displace composite materials.
In land transport aluminum also receivedwidely used. In the automotive industry for the first time it began to be used as a decorative detail in 1914. Now because this metal is produced more than 100 different car parts, and their number is growing every year. This is also the data obtained as a result of statistical studies, according to which, in 1948 for the manufacture of a car used 3.2 kg, is now the world's largest companies use some models from 100 to 150 kg. Not far behind cars and rail transport.

Construction, molding and electrical engineering

Increasingly, the "winged" metal used inconstruction. In the new modern buildings now you can find a lot of elements made of aluminum alloys. Lightweight and durable floors and beams, railings, fences, columns, aluminum glazing and ventilation elements are used in the construction of many public buildings and sports centers.
The foundry alloy of aluminum andSilicon gives small shrinkage and segregation produces parts very complex configuration. Engine blocks and housings, various types of impellers, pistons, cylinder heads and a plurality of other elements made from this alloy by casting.
The aluminum is used in the electrical lineselectricity transmission, in power cables and as a coating of conductive elements. Because it is made conductive bus cable lugs and connectors, wiring ducts, radiators, combs, distribution traverses, cabinets substations and power transmission towers.

Food production

Films used for the packaging of variousindustrial and food products, chocolate candies and aluminum cans, to cosmetics and medicines made from pure aluminum. In the production of foils of different thicknesses and destination is spent annually more than 1 million tons of aluminum. In the recent past it has also been very popular dishes and cutlery made from food aluminum, which now can be found in some places catering.

In addition aluminum is used in the chemical, oil and gas industry as pipelines, tanks and assembly elements.

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