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Appendicitis: Symptoms and Treatment

Appendicitis: Symptoms and Treatment

You have a stomach ache? This can be from anything: fatigue, poor quality food, different kinds of diseases.

But it can be a symptom of appendicitis - a disease that, if you do not notice right away, you can be faced with very serious health problems.

When inflamed appendix blindcolon, indicate the presence of a patient of appendicitis. This disease can be caused either by infection of the appendix, or be the result of undigested food, if it is clogged the opening process.

How to identify appendicitis? First, the person starts to hurt the stomach. Pain spread throughout the abdomen, then localized in the right iliac region. Rooting may be in a different area of ​​the abdomen because appendicitis is different in different people. If you felt tense muscles, you must immediately call an ambulance during palpation the right lower abdomen.

The main symptoms of appendicitis - pain in the abdomen, fever. If liquid accumulates in the gut, it is possible vomiting and diarrhea.

Appendicitis is treated only by surgery. However, before the patient falls on the operating table while doctors watched his condition. This is due to the fact that appendicitis may be masked by other diseases.

If the diagnosis of appendicitis is still confirmed, that before the surgery the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to the patient in order to prevent the development of infection in the postoperative period.

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