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How to appeal the decision of the tax

How to appeal against the decision of the tax

With the unjust actions of the tax office faced many.

And not everyone knows that the current tax can be appealed to the Federal Tax Service or the Court of Arbitration.

You will need

  • - A complaint to the Federal Tax Service (Internal Revenue Service), UFNS-
  • - A claim to arbitration.



When it comes to the appeal of tax actsservices, should distinguish between the two spheres of appeal. The first consists of the complaint that are not related to tax audit decision, the second - the decisions taken by Tax Inspection (fines, penalties, etc...).


If the tax inspector demanded documentswho has the right to check or ignored the statement of the organization, its actions can be appealed to higher authorities: from the immediate supervisor, the Federal Tax Service and the Federal Tax Service. Accountant has the right to even write a few complaints at the same time - in the Federal Tax Service and the Federal Tax Service.


The complaint should clearly state illegalActions inspector and write their demands. The complaint attached copies of documents confirming your right and a copy of the appealed document. The complaint is made in two copies and signed by the director or his proxy. Then the application is sent by mail with return receipt requested or personally entered.


tax authorities can also appealthe Arbitration Court. Usually, it is a refusal to refund the tax or other financial matters. This will have to fork out for the payment of state fees. The court can only be accessed after a complaint FNS manual was written.


By the way, to complain about the actions of the taxInspector FTS can be both at the decisions that have not yet entered into force, and the already existing solutions. In the first case it is a question of appeal. On the filing of such a complaint is given 10 days after receiving the decision of the tax authority. FSS has the right to examine the complaint within one month.


While the higher authority will not approve the FSSyou appealed the decision of the tax inspector, it does not have the right to enter into force. That is so you can buy time. If FAT taxman leaves the decision in force, you have the right to go to arbitration. Tighten the timing is not recommended, it is desirable to keep within a month.

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