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Apathy - a temporary condition or a serious illness?


Apathy - indifferent attitude to life, declineMental and physical activity, indifference to close people, a feeling of constant fatigue and lethargy. If these symptoms last for several days, treatment is not required, and if apathy does not disappear within 3 weeks, you need to seek help from a therapist.

Apathy - a temporary condition or a serious illness?
Daytime drowsiness, memory dips, insomnia,Rapid fatigue, reluctance to rejoice and lack of emotion are characteristic signs of apathy. But the manifestation of symptoms depends on the nature of the character and mental stability of the person.

The reasons for the appearance of apathy

There are several reasons for this condition, their specialistsAre divided into two categories: psychological and provoked by serious diseases. Apathy can occur with vegetative-vascular dystonia, brain damage, disruption in the endocrine system, chronic diseases, beriberi.

Apathetic condition arises because ofProfessional burnout, prolonged psychological and physical stress, negative events, after a bright period of life or visiting large-scale celebrations.

Is it necessary to treat apathy?

Indifference to the world canLead to depression. From an apathetic state you can go out yourself or consult a specialist. Psychotherapist's help is mandatory, if apathy lasts more than 3 weeks, the surrounding people notice the inhibition of the patient's movements and speech, the reaction to external stimuli is very weak, there are failures in memory and problems with thinking.

To successfully get rid of apathy, you need firstTake this state as a rest from a busy life. Do not fight with lethargy and fatigue, better rest and sleep, postpone all the affairs, improve communication with the surrounding people. You can not try to forcefully get rid of apathy and insistently treat yourself, it can lead to a state of affect and depression.

To go in cycles on the status too it is not necessary,Organize a meeting with close people, take a vacation and go on a trip to the sea. Be sure to include chocolate and green tea in your diet, these products increase tone and improve mood.

If you are not sure that you can leaveState of apathy without medication, contact a therapist, he will prescribe antidepressants and other medications. Remember, you can not take medicines without an appointment. Alcohol also does not help return to an active lifestyle, it will only worsen the psychological state.

Apathy is a signal from the body that notifiesAbout the need to change the way of life, activity and attitude to the world around us. You can not succumb to this state and do nothing, look for the cause of apathy. To ease your condition, avoid prolonged exertion and allow the body to rest.

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