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ANY standard weight York

What is the standard weight York

Yorkshire terrier has recently become a breed not only fashionable, but also the status such pet is seen as a sign of financial well-being of the family.

And this is understandable - at the price these dogs can reach several thousand dollars.

Moreover, the lower York weight, the higher the cost.

breed standards

Despite its small size, stacked Yorkieswell proportioned, that does not hide even the thick and long, silky hair, smooth evenly on both sides. Yorkshirkskih Terriers characterizes agile and lively but balanced temperament. Since this breed is bred in many countries, existing national standards may be slightly different in the description of the physical parameters.
York to help gain weight
Thus, the standard weight set by the InternationalCanine Federation (FCI), for the Yorkie is 3.1 kg. This value is given as a maximum and the standards of the American Kennel Club (AKC). The founder of the breed is the United Kingdom, the British Kennel Club (UK KC) has set a maximum of around 3.2 kg, but the standard of the International Kennel Union (IKU) is the highest and is 3.5 kg.
how to fatten the dog
If you stick to the standard requirements,established by the United Kingdom, individuals are considered most preferred, whose weight ranges from 1.8 to 2.7 kg, the average height at the withers -. 28 cm All standards referred to deficiencies exceeding the maximum weight and minimum weight though they are in no way stipulates It notes that small and its values ​​"are not welcome."

Mini and super mini Yorkies

However, there is an informal graduation,for not more than 2 kilograms of weight yirkshirkskie terriers are "mini" category, while those whose weight ranges from 0.9 to 1.3 kg - to "super mini" category. They stand, certainly more expensive than the standard size and weight of the dog, but a separate breed are not. The emergence of these "kids" in litters from parents of normal weight is an accident, and all attempts to bring a new kind of breeders Yorkies smaller is usually not crowded with success.
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By purchasing this puppy, you should clearlyto understand that taking a big risk, but the breeder you about it and can not say. The fact that small specimens, for the most part have health problems, which can only be detected after some time. The most serious pathology is an atypical position of the liver, which becomes the cause of the dog's death in 1-3 years. In addition, these "kids" are sensitive to any infection and they need constant supervision by a veterinarian. Usual standard weight dog does not need constant veterinary care, rarely gets sick and lives an average of up to 15 years.

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