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What is the standard weight of york?


What is the standard weight of york </a>

Yorkshire Terrier has recently become a breed not only fashionable, but also status, such a pet is perceived as a sign of the financial well-being of the family.

And this is quite understandable - the prices for these dogs can reach several thousand dollars.

And, the lower the weight of a york, the higher its cost.

Breed Standards

Despite its small size, York foldedIs very proportionate, which does not hide even a thick long and silky coat that falls evenly from both sides. Yorkshire terrier characterizes agility and a lively but balanced temperament. Because this breed is bred in many countries, existing national standards may slightly differ in the description of physical parameters.
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Thus, the standard weight established by the InternationalCynological Federation (FCI), for Yorkes is 3.1 kg. This value as the maximum is given in the standards of the American Club of Dog Breeders (AKS). The ancestor of the breed is Great Britain, the British Kennel Club (UK KC) has set a maximum at around 3.2 kg, but the standard of the International Cynological Union (IKU) is the highest and is 3.5 kg.
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If you follow the requirements for the standard,The average height at the withers is 28 cm. All the standards refer to the disadvantages of exceeding the maximum weight value, and although the minimum weight in them is not specified in any way , It is noted that its small values ​​are "not welcome".

Mini and super-mini yorkies

Nevertheless, there is an unofficial gradation,On which Irkshirk terriers weighing no more than 2 kgs are classified as "mini", and those whose weight is from 0.9 to 1.3 kg - to the category of "super mini". They cost, of course, more expensive than dogs of standard size and weight, but they are not a separate breed. The emergence of such "kids" in litters from parents with a standard weight is an accident, and all attempts by breeders to bring out a new variety of Yorks of a smaller size, as a rule, are not crowned with success.
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By purchasing such a puppy, you must clearlyUnderstand that you are taking a lot of risks, but the breeder may not tell you about it. The fact is that small individuals, in their majority have health problems, which can be detected only after a while. The most serious pathology is the atypical position of the liver, which causes the dog to die in 1-3 years. In addition, these "kids" are sensitive to any infection and they need constant monitoring from a veterinarian. An ordinary dog ​​of standard weight does not need constant veterinary care, rarely gets sick and lives on average up to 15 years.

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