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ANY picture can be drawn on the good

Children's drawing

How to draw good? This question has recently often heard on the Internet.

Usually it is asking students who have obtained a reference from a teacher.

However, no one has yet dared to give him a detailed answer.

What are the options for the interpretation of good topicsThey offer children? Mom with a child, sun, kitten, blue ... You can draw a bright sunny day, a flowering meadow, mother holding a child's hand, or a boy, a girl brought a bouquet of wildflowers. One can imagine a different picture: the sky, overcast, heavy rain, puddles ... boy girl holds her umbrella, or bringing the board to make a bridge over a huge puddle.
However, this is only the most simple optionssolutions. Perhaps the good - it is a fundamental concept, although it can be embodied in the most simple acts in which, it would seem, there is nothing heroic. Girl puts back into the slot, under the wing of an alert mother-bird fallen chick. Boy-teenager takes a tree kitten to bring him crying baby. Children bring grandmother lost points. The boy takes the road through the old man with a cane in his hands. You can think of or remember a lot of different situations.

Illustrations to fairy tales about kindness

You can do the illustrations for one of the famousgood stories. Just remember Aibolit doctor who treats animals. Or Dunno in the Sun City, has made three good things. And perhaps the son of a woodcutter Til-Til, who brought his sick neighbor girl thrush from plays of Maeterlinck "Blue Bird". Older children can turn to more serious philosophical tales. For example, to draw the statue of the Happy Prince, and sitting on her shoulder a swallow of the sad tales of Oscar Wilde's "The Happy Prince". Or mellowed Scrooge sending a huge turkey in a gift a poor family of his servant Krechet, from "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. Or Gorky's Danko, holding a hand held high his burning heart ...

Subject to the good work of Pablo Picasso

In the history of world art closest tothe image of good came, perhaps, by Pablo Picasso in the so-called "blue" period of his life. Then in his paintings often he appeared plot, which protects the weak even weaker. For example, in the film "The old beggar with a boy," the beggar gives the child the last piece of bread. Barefoot boy - most likely an orphan - seeks pet such as homelessness, like himself, the dog ( "Boy with a dog"). Little girl holding a white dove, trying to warm and protect him ( "Girl with Dove").
Everyone sees and understands the good in their own way and can come up with its own version of the picture on a given topic. The main thing - good to exist not only on paper or canvas, but in the soul of the artist.

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