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Antique style in the interior

Antique style in the interior

Antique style echoes of ancient Greece and ancient Rome, the greatest minds of ages and discoveries.

This style is considered the standard, and the ancestor of many subsequent styles.



Majestic, adjusted and harmonious stylenot suitable for all interiors. Your space should comply, welcomed a large area and high ceilings. Your room does not match the scale of the ancient temples, then select a couple of techniques characteristic of the antique style, and stylize your home.


If the area of ​​the room allows you to usecolumns and colonnades, if not, to steal the walls or corners semicolumns premises. But do not overdo it, if the place does not, it is better to completely abandon the column. Make the walls of the niche in which position the Greek sculptures. There is a place for the fireplace, make it safely into the interior. The ceiling is made simple, just on the perimeter framed cornice. All the elements are arranged based on the rules of symmetry and the golden section. Doors can be replaced by arches and arches hang curtains.


Use any colors, often in Greekyou can see the interiors of light shades in Roman attire more bright colors. As in the Roman and Greek areas in antique style gilt welcome. The decoration of the walls using paint, plaster, stone, frescoes and murals.


To select the floor parquet, stone or mosaic, allthey may be either monochromatic or patterned. Antique-style furniture made of wood, stone, with the elements of the columns and various threads. The shape of antique furniture is quite simple, but with interesting elements. In the design of the furniture included mosaics, gold, ivory, sometimes studded cloth furniture.


For the interior decor purchase antique vases,sculpture. Arrange Windows layered curtains from floor to ceiling. To give comfort could be made in the decor of the room handmade carpets or skins of animals. But do not overdo it with the details in the interior, because the antique style is primarily ease. It is better to leave more air into the room without turning it into a museum of antique.

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