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Wedding Anniversary 3 Years - Leather Wedding


3 years in marriage is considered a time of crisis, whenThe spouse is already aware of all the shortcomings of each other, when the appearance of the firstborn and the duties of his upbringing aggravates relations and tenses the situation, when grievances and discontent accumulate. A holiday with rest from everyday cares and from everyday life will be very useful. So do not even think about whether to celebrate a wedding or not. Be sure to take advantage of the reason and go to the club, cafes or go on a weekend in the forest, renting a house in the recreation center.

Wedding Anniversary 3 Years - Leather Wedding

The symbol of the three-year matrimony is a warm compliantA skin that stretches out in shape and becomes comfortable, but behind which you need a careful permanent care to extend the life of it. So the relationship should be cherished.

Traditions and rituals:

  • On the eve of the date all the cracked and chipped dishes are thrown away.
  • Sincere people say good-bye and insults are released.
  • In clothes of spouses there should be a leather: a belt, footwear.
  • On the table, the presence of a loaf of rye bread is mandatory.
  • The celebration should begin no later than 10 am, to strengthen a happy family life and increase prosperity.
  • Since the second name for the third birthday is a wheat wedding, you should treat yourself to pies, rolls and cakes.

Celebration Ceremony

To celebrate the leather wedding at the tableCollect friends. After toasts and snacks, the spouses are symbolically smashed into a plate and quickly collect the fragments. The more they are, the happier the union expects young husband and wife. Witnesses prepare an entertaining program and comic competitions, organize dances, karaoke. The perpetrators of the triumph for prosperity in the family are sprinkled with wheat and rye seeds.

Gifts for 3 years of wedding

You can give products from leather: Interior items, slippers, symbolizing home comfort, purses, wallets, business cards and all kinds of useful things in everyday life: small appliances in the kitchen, dishes, cutlery, cocktail sets for a bar, expensive spirits, etc.

Leather wedding - a holiday in between, but notLess important than the upcoming first small anniversary of 5 years. You are set up to meet him in love and harmony or depends primarily on your self-control, respectful attitude to each other's interests and aspirations.

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