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Animalistic design modern jewelry

Animalistic design modern jewelry

Jewelry designers are increasingly turning to gaze representatives of fauna.

Graceful animals pose, natural grace served as an excellent material for the creation of jewelry collections animalistic.

Fashion trends call for wearing ornaments that depict all kinds of animals. Birds, amphibians, fish and mammals - they all served as models for modern jewelery prototypes.

To look irresistible and elegant,interesting enough to put a necklace in the form of snakes. Reptile gently wraps around the neck ladies, taking himself for his own tail. Another relevant bracelets as pythons, which are several times girdle the hand, and still rings, belts and earrings in the form of the regal representatives of fauna. This does not stop the snake theme. Special attention should be paid bracelet on the forearm as elegant reptiles - kopshteyni - bronzovospinoy snake. Only it has not been done in bronze (gold) and decorated with rubies and emeralds.

Figures predator of the cat family, toopresent on the jewelry. After all, what could be extravagant than beautiful pendant in the form of a jaguar or panther stalking? A ring with a tiger's head with eyes of sapphires adorn the fingers of the worthiest of the worthy. And that's not to mention the chic bracelet of leopard tails and grappled consecutive.

Even in ancient times jewelers to make jewelry withskull, scarab beetles and frogs. All of them are the owners for their good omens and secret sacred meaning. Modern designers have adopted this glorious tradition. And one of these ornaments - a pendant-watch in the form of a turtle, whose shell opens eyes dial. The theme continues bracelet from the leaves of tropical plants, and settled a tiny frog with emerald eyes on these leaves. Finally, the ring in the form of a scarab beetle. Peridot is inlaid in the back of the insect.

Representatives of the birds in this armada paradejewelry also participated. On the jewelry in the form of branches with foliage plants sat all kinds of birds - from the Chinese nightingale to the sparrow. Birds sitting on necklaces and bracelets, earrings swaying on. Even a tiny hummingbird in flight, his "dependent" on the watch dial.

The most sophisticated fashionista will not be able to resist the acquisition of works of art jewelry. Wearing such a decoration, it should be possible to feel like Diana, who reports to the animal world.

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