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Analysis of the poem by Alexander Blok Stranger

Analysis of the poem by Alexander Blok Stranger

"Stranger" - probably the most famous lyric of one of the greatest poets of Russian Silver Age - Alexander Blok.

This work is included in the school curriculum in literature.

The period of work on the poem

"Stranger" was written in a difficult time for poetperiod - when he experienced severe personal drama. His lover, Mendeleev Love, left him to his friend and fellow poetry workshop for Andrei Bely. The unit was very upset by this betrayal and separation, perhaps partly why the poem is permeated with such lyrical sadness.

According to many researchers, the poet passesthe atmosphere of St. Petersburg suburbs, in addition, you can find his impressions from trips to the country, where the poet was frequently in this period, dull rural entertainment and local inhabitants.


So, the place action - a restaurant thatif deliberately focused all the filth and vulgarity of the city. Here he is heavier than air, it is difficult to breathe, the eyes of others are empty, the terms are not people, but the grotesque creation "with the eyes of rabbits." This world disgarmonichen, mating and dreary, but being that it makes no sense.
And every night in this terrible their ordinaryvulgarity place there it is - is not the Beautiful Lady of Blok's early poetry, but the woman, whose heart is obviously concealed some mystery, some bitterness that causes her to come here. This woman wrapped in silk and exuding perfume, obviously does not belong to this gray world, she was a stranger to him.

Stranger passes through the mud, do not mess with it, and it remains a kind of lofty ideals.

It is significant that the lyrical hero is notIt seeks to dispel the mystery surrounding her, approach her and ask her name, know what led her here. Indeed, in this case, the lost and the glamor surrounding the mysterious stranger from the stranger it becomes just an earthly woman, whose life, maybe something happened. It is important to him as a symbol, as a way of showing that even in the hopeless darkness there light and beauty, as a sign of mystical miracle that bring meaning and gives life meaning.

literary analysis

The poem is written in iambic pentameter with the classical cross alternating male and female rhymes.
All the work can be divided into twoparts: the first is an atmosphere of hopelessness, the other illuminates the mysterious stranger with his presence. This antithesis of images constantly emphasizes vocabulary and phonetics: the beginning of the poem all the images extremely grim and bleak, dominated by "low" lexicon ( "lackeys", "drunkard", "stick", etc.), in the second part - exclusively "high", which emphasizes the "magic" and the image of inaccessibility.

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