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Analysis of self-education and personal growth

Analysis of self-education and personal growth

The criteria for the performance of any trainingand is also considered the possibility of the student to develop their own: to study additional literature, they carry out the task creatively, showing his own personality and charisma, to actively explore the area in which a person is going to apply their knowledge. Do not forget that the learning process is closely linked to the development of mental processes in humans.

How do we determine that self-effectively?

Because a person can learn and heedacquired knowledge only when it is in a normal mental state: it does not disturb anything, he is calm and ready to dedicate time to yourself, then, of course, a very clear need to keep track of how much a person emotionally stable at the time of training.

Define key indicators of personal growth:

  • peace of mind-
  • respect for their own zdorovyu-
  • adequate response to the peaceful surrounding
  • understanding and acceptance of themselves as lichnost-
  • an adequate understanding of their vozmozhnostyah-
  • interest in self-perception and samopoznaniyu-
  • the need to develop knowledge and obtain additional obrazovaniya-
  • active life position-
  • positive nastroy-
  • perseverance and upholding their beliefs.

It's very important, because the state of mind of a person influences his work and attitude to the world and people around him. Man needs to understand what he taught, and to build specific targets.

Because if there is no purpose and no what to strive for, thethen lost all sense of self, as can be confused in my head already accumulated knowledge and thoughts. And it hurt, and personal and career development of man.

Be sure to analyze any of your activities. Why are you doing it? So what you end up with? Any process must be progressive outcome, otherwise there is no point rasstrachivat time and effort to achieve the goals blurry.

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