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Unusual ways to use sugar

Unusual ways to use sugar

Sugar, along with the salt shaker, there at the dinner table every caring hostess.

Sugar is usually added to beverages, sometimes in the dough.

But few people know that sugar can also be useful in other situations.



If the flowers quickly lose their presentableview, add water, a mixture of two tablespoons of vinegar and three sugars. Vinegar helps to stop bacterial growth process, and sugar is very useful for the stems and leaves.


If the food was too spicy, take a sugar cube in your mouth and suck. This will help get rid of unpleasant sensations in the mouth.


Sugar can help not only from the spicy food, but also for burns hot drink. Spoon of sugar on the tongue - and the pain will go away.


Mix sugar with olive oil and add any essential oil, you can get a facial scrub.


Dip the painted lipstick lips in sugar and gently Slizhov it. Unbelievable but true - this method will help lipstick stay longer.


Stain light trousers in the grass? Do not worry, the stain is easily removed with the help of sugar. Just moisten the stain, sprinkle with sugar and leave for an hour.


The smell of coffee or any other spices can be absorbed through the grinder and sugar.


Engine oil is extremely difficult to wash off hands, but a mixture of sugar and sunflower oil to quickly solve this problem.

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