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Alzheimer's Disease: Symptoms and Treatment

Alzheimer's Disease: Symptoms and Treatment

Alzheimer's disease - a neurological disease with progressive course.

Description of the disease first made in 1906 by German neurologist and psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer.

Since then, the disease leads to complete loss of the brain's ability to function, named after him.

Alzheimer's disease symptoms

Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease may be purelyindividual. The initial changes in the behavior of the patient is practically imperceptible. When medical research deep memory lapses are not detected. Meanwhile, the disease progresses rapidly.

Only at the second stage of Alzheimer's diseasecharacterized by memory impairment, attention, the patient becomes distracted, forgetful, emotions depleted. Already in this period, relatives and people close to the patient may notice that a native person is something incomprehensible.

On the third and fourth stages of Alzheimer's diseaseIt can be diagnosed. The patient is experiencing considerable difficulties in communicating, progressing loss of attention and distraction. Social connections are lost, since the skills acquired over the years, become limited.

The fifth and sixth stages of Alzheimer's diseasethe patient can not perform basic actions: to dress, wash, buttoned. At this time, relatives forced to care for the sick, both for an infant.

The seventh stage - final. The patient loses the ability to speak, recognize others, keep your head, sit, to walk, to eat, to drink water.

Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

Diagnosis is based on characteristic symptoms of the disease degradative. It is also prescribed an MRI, positron emission tomography of the brain.

Alzheimer's Disease Treatment

Alzheimer Therapy is aimed atslowing degradative symptoms. The patient is prescribed medication to facilitate activation of neurons, neurotransmitters levels increase. Alzheimer's disease treatment helps only to suspend degradation and reduce the severity of the existing symptoms. Unfortunately, in the arsenal of modern medicine can not afford, can completely cure Alzheimer's disease.

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