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Alternative options for decorating Christmas trees

Alternative Christmas trees decorations

New Year is approaching and many are already thinking about how to decorate a Christmas tree.

But every year to get the same toy becomes boring.

I want something new and unusual.

This article contains alternative ways to make the Christmas tree elegant and festive mood.

Love flowers? Why not decorate their Christmas tree. Live will not last long, but the artificial fabric will last more than one holiday and dilute cold and the greyness of winter. Such decorations can be bought at the store or make your own.

The country house can use the fruits of theown garden. All will go to the cause: apples, nuts, berries, bulbs. You can make a beautiful garland of pods of hot pepper. Under the Christmas tree, you can leave the main achievements garden grown on the land: pumpkin, squash, etc. It can help if you do not have time to prepare for the holiday and were caught off guard.

To decorate the Christmas tree in the office, you can useany stationery, whether it be stickers, pencils, erasers, staplers. It can be used anything, most importantly imagination and help of colleagues. In the absence of tree Christmas tree can be put on the wall with stickers with the wishes and congratulations.

The symbol of the new year can be made edible. Hang on a tree cookies, cakes, candy, sugar, tangerines all that you visit. Later toys do not even need to be removed when the time comes to remove the tree, all the decorations will be eaten, the main keep, and not be tempted to fight chimes.

The new 2014 is recommended to decorate the forestbeautiful woman in red, blue and green colors. Appease the symbol of the coming year - the blue wooden horse - you can use the bells, toys made of wood, Sakharkov and sweets, always wrapped in bright foil.

In fact, decorate the Christmas tree is all thatanything, everything is limited only by your imagination. To involve children. They will help you come up with something new and will be happy to participate in such an important matter. What matters is that it brings all the joy and sense of joining such a wonderful holiday.

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