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HOW remodel motorcycle frame

How to remodel motorcycle frame

Frame - the most important part of any motorcycle. It defines the silhouette and its appearance, type and class.

Before alteration, just imagine what should be a motorcycle: chopper, classic, or enduro sportbike.

You will need

  • - A powerful semi-automatic welding.



To increase the space for the driver's legslengthen the rear frame (for power unit). The degree of elongation is adjusted individually and often depends on rider height. At the same time consider how you will extend the rear-wheel-drive. To perform the chopper frame to extend the engine. Pedal control rod to move the front of the engine. The height of the installation pedals pick individually.


To set a wider rear wheelextend the frame. The experience of Homebrew, do not install a wheel wider than 200-210 mm. With this modernization is inevitable alteration of the drive to the rear wheel. For beautiful appearance, change the angle of the front fork. Not zealous: the angle of inclination of more than 33 degrees deteriorates motorcycle handling. If possible, strengthen the fork feathers, traverses and upper tube of the frame.


To improve the efficiency of rear shock absorbersand appearance to set their slope. At the same time, keep in mind that the greater the slope of the rear shock, the less load the motorcycle. Strong slope leads to the fact that even the fragile dangerous passenger will sit. Among other things, draw a line under-saddle, successfully combined with an elongated frame or raising the front of the frame.


Before perevarkoy motorcycle frames, purchasesufficient experience in welding. From the strength of the weld depends on the security of future construction. All additional pipe for a new design take only from other frames. Never use water because of low strength. When welding, use powerful semi-automatic welding.


Note that when the frame has been weldedstrictly observing the alignment of the front and rear wheels. To do this, weld the frame to grab, and finally brew only after a thorough check on the evenness. Pay particular attention to the fact that the wheels rolling in the tracks. This requirement is so important for the safety of makeshift structures, for the sake of its implementation can proceed crookedly mounted engine.

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