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How to remodel a motorcycle frame

How to remodel a motorcycle frame</a>

Rama is the most important part of any motorcycle. It defines its silhouette and appearance, type and class.

Before you start the rework, just imagine what a motorcycle should be: chopper, classic, enduro or sportbike.

You will need

  • - Powerful semi-automatic welding machine.



To increase the space for the driver's feetExtend the frame behind (behind the power unit). The degree of elongation is chosen individually and often depends on the growth of the rider. In doing so, think about how you will extend the rear wheel drive. To carry out the chopper, extend the frame in front of the engine. Control pedals on the rod in front of the engine. Set the height of the pedals individually.


To fit a wider rear wheelExpand the frame. According to experience of self-builders, do not install the wheel wider than 200-210 mm. With this modernization, the conversion of the drive to the rear wheel is inevitable. To obtain a beautiful appearance, change the angle of the front fork. Do not be zealous: with an inclination angle of more than 33 degrees, the handling of the motorcycle deteriorates dramatically. If possible, strengthen the feathers of the forks, crossheads and upper frame tubes.


To improve the efficiency of the rear shock absorbersAnd improve the appearance, set them with a slope. At the same time, consider that the greater the inclination of the rear shock absorbers, the lower the carrying capacity of the motorcycle. A strong slope leads to the fact that even a fragile passenger will be dangerous to plant. Among other things, undercut the saddle line, successfully combined with an elongated frame or raise the front of the frame.


Before digesting motorcycle frames, purchaseSufficient experience in welding. From the strength of the welded seam depends the safety of the future design. All additional pipes for the new construction take only from other frames. Never use plumbing because of low strength. When welding, use a powerful semi-automatic welding machine.


Please note that when welding the frame wasThe alignment of the front and rear wheels is strictly observed. To do this, weld the frame on the sticks, and finally brew only after a thorough check for smoothness. Pay special attention to the wheels rolling along the track. This requirement is so important for the safety of the self-made structure, that for the sake of its implementation it is possible to give up a crookedly installed engine.

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