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Alpine slide in the garden


Alpine hill is an element of landscape design. This is a small garden of stones and ornamental plants. Have an alpine hill on a hill that can be created artificially.

Alpine slide

When creating an alpine slide, you need to consider itDimensions: the larger the area of ​​the base, the higher the hill. Before you start building, you need to make a plan for placing an alpine slide on the site.

Then, first of all, it is necessary to removeWeeds and remove the top fertile soil layer, about 25 cm deep. The bottom of the ditch is recommended to be filled with drainage, which can be used as broken brick or expanded clay. The thickness of the drainage should be at least 15 cm. The device of this system should not be neglected, since the plants that are placed on the Alpine slides do not tolerate stagnation of moisture.

The drainage layer should be well compacted. Then return the fertile soil, its layer should be about 20-25 cm. Having prepared a place for the alpine hill in this way, you can start placing stones.

They can be of different shapes, sizes and colors, butYou need to observe the proportion: on small slides will not look large stones, and on large - small will be lost. Stones are laid in such a way that they do not loosen. For this, rubble is put under them and they are well rammed. Having arranged all the stones, you can plant the plants. It is important to take into account the fact that the alpine slide is an element of garden design for many years, therefore, plants need to be selected that will not grow quickly. In addition, you need to select flowers and herbs in such a way that the alpine hill was in bloom all season, that is, you need to consider the timing of flowering plants.

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