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Aloe Vera - create a pharmacy on the windowsill


At home, manyA variety of wild plants in southern countries - aloe tree, aloe, spineless, aloe variegated. They number a few hundred and all of them, when properly applied, are healthy.

In the Russian translation, the word "aloe" means"Bitter", and the word "faith" is true, correct. The bitter taste of the vegetable is due to the microelements contained in its juice, vitamins, mineral salts, tannins, flavonoids.

Special nuances in handling aloe, calledAlso as an age-old, "doctor" and other names, is not required. Care of the plant is simple, but it can render "emergency help" to you in a variety of circumstances.

Aloe vera
Aloe is a unpretentious plant. It is suitable for any pot or container with a few small holes in the bottom and a pallet. The main thing - a house for a century-old must like you in shape, color and other external parameters. In advance, get a nutritious soil in the flower shop - this may be soil for cactus. Scions with roots should be borrowed from relatives or good acquaintances.

Plant one wet stone in the moistened soilPot and pour water at room temperature. If there is an elongated rectangular container, several shoots can be planted at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other. Watering should be only 2 - 4 times a month, depending on the temperature and humidity in your apartment. You can pour through a tray, pour a little water in it

Based on my own experience, I can adviseReplace spraying with a spray gun. To do this, I use water, infused for 1 - 2 days on lemon peels. Chlorine from tap water for this period evaporates, and water gets a favorite by many lemon flavor. In addition to watering, this procedure as it is washing the plant. And the air in the room is refreshed and moistened, which is important for urban apartments. In addition, aloe grows better in slightly acidified soil.

During the period of active growth, it is good to feedYour future "doctor" fertilizer for cacti. Appearance of pale, yellow, falling leaves, the plant signals a lack of light and excess moisture. Such leaves must be removed. And, of course, it is necessary to make adjustments in the care of aloe vera.

In my half-meter container, with the describedCare, for more than 5 years without a transplant, 3 aloe varieties have been getting along well - they grow well and give off numerous offspring. Well, and for what reasons have to go to your own pharmacy on the windowsill - a special conversation.

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