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ALOE: the green doctor care

Aloe: the green doctor care

Aloe belongs to the lily family.

His fleshy and brittle leaves have many thorns, located on the edge, and form a spiral around the stem outlet.

Inside the leaf moisture turns into a gel, which has healing properties.

Care Aloe is quite simple, but the plant itselfIt considered very hardy. It is resistant to temperature changes. In the summer of Aloe can be taken to fresh air, put on the balconies and terraces. Even direct sunlight does not represent a serious danger for him, on the contrary, without a bright light leaves become thin and pale.
Watering green doctor enough 1-2 times a week. The main thing is that the water does not reach the outlet. Zealous with humidification is not necessary, since the excess moisture causes root rot.
Periodically wipe the leaves of aloe from dust and dirt. Spraying required. It is noteworthy that in the home aloe rarely blooms.
Reproduction encouraged to plan for the springperiod. It was at this time the plant is better to take root. Aloe propagated using cuttings, that immediately after cutting must be placed in moist peat soil 1-2 cm, or in the water. Water the young plants it is desirable not very often transplanted 1 once a year.
Aloe resistant to pests, butsometimes on the leaves may appear or scale insects Coccidae. Outwardly, they are small lumps of dark brown color. These pests are removed with a damp cloth.
Red spider - another insect that can damage the aloe. Infected plants must be placed in a well-ventilated room, and the leaves treated with water or diluted alcohol.

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