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Allergy to cow's milk protein

Allergy to cow's milk protein - what symptoms

Cow's milk protein can cause allergic reactions, which can be shown a variety of symptoms common to most allergies in general.

Disposal of these symptoms may be effected complete exclusion of products containing milk proteins from the diet.

In the process of growing an allergy to milk protein most often takes place.

Allergic to milk protein is one ofmost common in infants and children over one year. About 4% of all children anyway subject to the variety of allergies that occurs due to the reaction of the immune system for the types of protein contained in milk.


Allergy is characterized by non-specific proteinsymptoms characteristic of other types of allergies. Depending on the type of reaction, the immune system reacts to a protein through the skin, digestive tract and respiratory organs. On the human body rashes may occur, for example, eczema, itchy. A characteristic of an allergic reaction to milk protein may be a severe diarrhea, vomiting reaction, vomiting, lack of appetite and intestinal colic. The child may experience sleep disturbances and difficulty in breathing, he would constantly cry.
Typically, after receiving the milk productallergy appears almost immediately, but often arise and delayed reactions, which can occur in a few hours, and after 3-5 days.

When one or more symptoms of the disease should consult a doctor for proper treatment.


If necessary, the body's supply of babySubstances that are contained in the milk, used special mixture that do not contain proteins and designed specifically for children. In some cases, additional child appointed hypoallergenic mixtures or blends which contain amino acids.
If the allergy appears in the newbornchild, it is likely that the protein enters the body through the mother's milk if she uses milk. Therefore, you should exclude the dairy products to avoid unwanted reactions in the child from the mother's diet food. Usually, an allergy to the protein goes all the way to 4 years, but before the introduction of milk in the diet of the child should consult a physician.

As a rule, it is accompanied by a milk allergy and allergic to beef, but because at some point you may want to exclude from the diet of a child and beef.

Soymilk can not use asAlternatively, cow, because the amount of nutrients in the product does not correspond to the number needed for the development of a newborn baby substances. Soy products may only be used for children over 2 years.

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