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Today, the capital of Australia is Canberra. Many believe that this would never have happened if not for the opposition of the two Australian giants - Sydney and Melbourne.

It is because of the dispute of the two cities applying for the title of "Capital", and appeared in Canberra.

Canberra often compared with the capital of Brazil. Maybe it's an artificial lake and a variety of greenery within the city. A great number of parks and beautiful buildings make capital simply irresistible. The only problem Canberra today - control of the country. Within the city you will find plants here do not produce anything. Canberra is home to the Australian Government.

How to get to the capital of Australia?

At the moment, there is no direct flight toCanberra. In order to visit this city, you have to first fly to Sydney or Melbourne, and then transfer to the transport, carrying out transportation of passengers within the country. Canberra is not on the coast, but it can become a great place for tourists. Distance from Sydney to the capital is about 280 km and from Melbourne - 650 km.

capital Attractions

The building is located in Canberra Parliamentthe country's government. This structure is rebuilt several times as long as the desired design and shape has been achieved. Modern version of the Parliament building is really impressive. It is huge, and is located on the roof of the majestic mast. The construction is located on a hill, during the construction of the architects had to remove part of the hill. After completion of the project the whole ground again put back, placing on it a huge stunning flower. Now the area around Parliament smells almost the entire year, delighting tourists and residents of Canberra.

Within the Australian Capital is located prettya large number of different sites. Perhaps the most famous is the Australian War Memorial. It is an eternal reminder of the losses, which brought the country Commonwealth War. Each army unit devoted to sculpture, and together they form an impressive garden.

Another spectacular piece of architectureCanberra is the building of the National Gallery of Australia. Here is the main art gallery of a country that carries the spirit of freedom of the Australian people. If you are going to Canberra, do not forget to admire the paintings, they are really impressive.

Do not miss the opportunity to walk onBlack Mountain. This hill, which is part of the National Park of Canberra. Here are prohibited any construction. On top of the hill is the telecommunications tower 190 meters high. On top of it there is a stunning restaurant, which is perhaps the most romantic place in Canberra.

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