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ALL of Sagittarius

All About Sagittarius

People whose birthday falls between November 23 and December 21 are born under the sign of Sagittarius. It is ruled by Jupiter and belongs to the element of Fire, symbolizing activity and energy.

Sagittarius Fire can be compared with the dark horizon illuminating spotlight. To represent his adopted a shoot arrows a centaur.

It is a symbol of immense vitality, aspiring to higher goals.

Activity Sagittarius

The activity of the representatives of this zodiac signdirectly related to their immediate environment. By this we mean not having a tense situation between the Sagittarius and the outside world. The fact that these people tend to desire to lead others. It turns out quite well in Sagittarius.

The monetary situation Streltsov

Archers do not put money above everything else, yetHowever, pay due attention to them. They are generous, but to throw good money after bad will not. If Sagittarius sees the prospect of profit or career, he did not regret for the implementation of any assets.

Sagittarius and travel

Since Sagittarians are active personalities, they love the speed. For them, the sooner the better. In addition to speed, traveling for the zodiac sign plays an important role comfort and convenience.

Home life Streltsov

Sagittarians love and appreciate the comfort of home, but theiractive nature constantly requires some experimentation. They want time to time to change the situation in the house. Sagittarians are endowed with a sense of beauty, so they never spoil your interior.

Love and marriage

Sagittarians are amorous natures thatconstantly pushing them in search of adventure. However, they do not allow even the thought that problems may await them with those who are close by. The people are not available, the more it will attract a representative of the mark. His partner can forgive a lot, but not a betrayal. After such ruthlessly torn relationship, even though it brings them great suffering.
Sagittarius can be attributed to the category of people,who all his life searching for his ideal. They are unusual before marriage. Sagittarians are extremely independent and freedom-loving, so consider marriage as they had fallen on his head a bunch of commitments. Enough good can be a union based on an open relationship.

Life plans and goals Streltsov

Sagittarius tend to plan everything in detail,considering several options for the development of events. They are usually clearly understand what they do. The goals for this sign of the zodiac do not become an obsession. If Sagittarius sees that, for objective reasons, to achieve a result will not work, he changes direction easily.

Sagittarians and work

Sagittarians tend to this kind of work, in whichearnings would be directly dependent on the investment powers. So often they are in business. They make good interpreters. Inherent Sagittarius need to communicate and to be the center of attention helps to ensure that they make good teachers, trade and advertising agents, managers. Business qualities have disclosed only if no tight control over them. The main work for these people is not a career, and the diversity and richness.

Sagittarius Health

The most sensitive places Sagittariusare the lungs, liver, upper and lower limbs. Their increased activity often causes various injuries. However, these people are in hospital for a long time are not as recover surprisingly quickly.

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