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ALL about lung cancer


All About Lung Cancer</a>

Lung cancer is a terrible disease, which is the main cause of death on earth.

Of the 100 registered patients with this disease, 72 people die in the first year of the disease.

Lung cancer occurs in most cases inSmokers. In this case, it is divided into 2 main types: small cell and large cell. The first is extremely rare. In a prevalent number of cases, large-cell lung cancer is diagnosed. It can take place in several stages, it all depends on the neglect of the disease.

Symptoms of lung cancer

In the beginning, such a disease has no symptoms. Usually it is detected when passing the planned fluorography. At the first stage, a small black spot the size of a coin can be seen on the lungs.
When the disease goes to a more severeForm, a person notes problems with breathing and chest pain. Along with this, there may be a symptom such as a cough that comes with impurities of blood. If the cancer cells have already managed to hit the nerves, the patient can note the pain in the shoulder, which later begins to give into the hand.
Occurrence of hoarseness without presence of an angina isAnother symptom of lung cancer. It occurs due to the defeat of the vocal cords. Along with this there are difficulties with swallowing because of the occurrence of metastases in the esophagus. With their presence in the bones, the patient marks a painful pain in the hands and feet. If the metastases managed to penetrate the brain, the following symptoms are observed: frequent migraines, decreased vision, loss of sensitivity in certain parts of the body.

How is lung cancer diagnosed?

Diagnosis of such a serious disease can beWith the help of chest X-ray. It is performed primarily in the presence of suspected lung cancer. In this situation, two photos are taken at once: in front and on the side.

If on the basis of X-ray images wereIdentified problem areas, the patient additionally undergoes CT scans. It is necessary to find out if metastases have gone and if they are available, you can determine which organs and parts of the body they have hit.
Additionally, the doctor may appointMagnetic resonance imaging. It allows you to get more accurate information about a cancerous tumor. However, such a procedure may become unavailable if the patient has artificial heart valves, metal implants, a cardiac pacemaker or other implanted structures.

Treatment of lung cancer

Treatment for such a serious diseaseProvides irradiation, chemotherapy or surgery. Everything depends on the stage of the disease. The decision on which method to use is taken only on the basis of the results of the examination and the general condition of the patient.

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