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ALL of lung cancer

All of the lung cancer

Lung cancer - a terrible disease, which is the leading cause of death on the ground.

Of the 100 registered patients in this disease in the first year of illness die 72 people.

lung cancer occurs in most casessmokers. In this case it is divided into 2 main types: small cell and large cell. The first is extremely rare. The prevailing number of cases diagnosed with large cell carcinoma of the lungs. It can take place in several stages, all depends on the neglect of the disease.

The symptoms of lung cancer

At first, this disease has no symptoms. It is usually detected when passing routine chest X-ray. In the first step can be seen in images of light a small black spot the size of a coin.
When the disease becomes more severeform, the person says breathing problems and chest pain. In addition, there may be a symptom of cough, which is mixed with blood. If the cancer cells have already hit a nerve, the patient may report pain in the shoulder, which subsequently begins to give in hand.
The occurrence of hoarseness without a sore throat - itAnother symptom of lung cancer. It is caused by lesions of the vocal cords. Along with this, there are difficulties with swallowing because of metastases in the esophagus. When present in the bones of the patient notes excruciating pain in the hands and feet. If metastases have time to penetrate into the brain, the following symptoms occur: frequent headaches, decreased vision, loss of sensation in parts of the body.

How are diagnosed with lung cancer

To diagnose this disease can be serioususing chest radiography. It is held in the first place if it is suspected lung cancer. In this situation, immediately make 2 shots: front and from the side.

If on the basis of X-ray images wereidentified problem areas, then the patient goes further CT scan. It is necessary to find out whether metastases and their presence does not go, you can determine which parts of the body they had hit.
Additionally, the physician may prescribeMRIs. It allows you to get more accurate data on cancer. However, such a procedure may be inaccessible if the patient has an artificial heart valves, metal implants, or other implanted kardiostumulyator structure.

Lung Cancer Treatment

Treatment of such a serious diseaseIt involves irradiation, chemotherapy or surgery. It all depends on what stage the illness Deciding which method to use is only accepted on the basis of the survey results and the patient's general condition.

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