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Everything for a wonderful holiday


Traditional home decorations, excellentGifts for relatives and friends, fabulously beautiful festive outfits ... It is impossible to imagine a New Year's holiday without all its inalienable attributes, large and small. Well, we are especially pleased with the ones that we made with our own hands.

Everything for a wonderful holiday



Wreath with pendants or rose hips. Exquisite modesty: a traditional decoration for the door, welcoming guests at the entrance - a wreath of fresh fir branches, arranged with rose hips, Christmas toys, a bell and braided with a Christmas ribbon.


Christmas boots for gifts. In each full-full of different sweets! Stitched from bright cloth boots nice to find in the morning near the bed or attached to the Christmas tree. You can hang by the fireplace. Next to the sparkling lights are garlands.


The cover-warmer sewn in the form of a nice sheep, will take care of the temperature of your favorite drink. It will stay hot for a long time.
Snowman. Going on a visit to the best friend, grab a flower pot with you from home and blindly add a small, funny snowman. Put it in a pot, decorate with fir cones. Believe me, your sense of humor will be appreciated.


Photo frame. The original decorated with a festive mood will be an exclusive gift. And if you put a photo of yourself as a favorite and give it to your loved one, then the gift will turn out to be wonderful.
For the long memory. The initials embroidered with a dagger in magnificent gilded frames will indicate to each your guest his place at the festive table and will be a perfect gift for him.
Towels for guests, decorated with decorative braid, embroidered with asterisk ... It is immediately evident that this is a towel for a special occasion.
Table napkins, linen with a beautiful braid, decorate any festive table.
And of course, we will not forget about the candles. Even the most ordinary white candles can be turned into a luxury item. Just decorate them with gold painting.

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