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All about tomatoes: how to grow


Tomato is in many ways a unique vegetable, becauseThe maintenance in it of every possible useful substances beats all records. Regular consumption of tomatoes in food is a powerful shield, preventing the risk of many diseases.

Growing tomatoes on your backyardSite - the process is not easy. In order to grow a rich crop, it is necessary to have an idea of ​​the correct preparation of soil-the formation of shrubs-diseases to which the plant is exposed-watering and feeding. At each of the above points, we will dwell separately.

Soil and preparation for disembarkation

Prepare the landing siteTomatoes, it is necessary already from autumn. Soil in this area should be generously enriched with useful substances, adding a lot of garden compost, crushed egg shell and wood ash. These substances are necessary for intensive growth of seedlings.

In the spring, just before planting seedlings,On a site with an enriched soil from autumn, it is necessary to install supports. As supports, you can use wooden posts, one and a half to two meters high.
Supports should be dug into the ground in even rows, after which pull the twine between them. Planting seedlings, it must be carefully tied to a string.

Formation of a bush

From the correct formation of the bush,How rich the harvest will be. In order to form a bush, it is necessary to remove the lower leaves on the plant to each new ovary. Thus, a young plant will have 3-4 leaves, which will be enough for its nutrition and photosynthesis.

It is important to know that pruning of leaves is recommendedOnly for plants growing in the middle and northern latitudes. In a hot climate, do not trim, because the leaves are necessary to protect the plant from bright sunlight and from excessive overheating.

Diseases and pests

Tomato - southern, and accordingly and thermophilicplant. Growing in the middle and northern latitudes, it becomes predisposed to many diseases: late blight, fungal lesions, vertex rot, tobacco mosaic and others. The most important enemies of weaving tomatoes are rain, dampness and lack of heat.

In order to protect plants from the aforementioned diseases, it is necessary to observe such rules:

- for seedlings, only those varieties that are resistant to disease-

- it is not recommended to plant tomatoes next to potatoes-

- Regular weeding of bushes-

- Pruning and formation of a bush can be made only when the plant dries after rain.

The most known pests of wicker tomatoes, which, if possible, must be destroyed: snails, caterpillars, Colorado beetles, lice.

Watering and top dressing

Tomatoes must be watered abundantly, but not often. Watering should be done only at the root and try not to allow water to enter the stem and stems, as this can cause fungal diseases. If you water the plant too often and intensively, then the fruit will have a watery taste.

In order to make the harvest happy, tomatoesShould be fed with special mineral fertilizers. Such fertilizers can be bought in any store such as "garden and garden." Preference should be given to top dressing with a high content of potassium.

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