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All about the columns: how they are made


Columns are devices that convertElectromagnetic signal into sound vibrations. All of them have almost the same design, but differ in power and used in the production of materials.

General scheme

The loudspeaker converts the electricalEnergy in sound waves. These sound waves are created using complex devices made of metal, magnets, wire, plastic and paper. Vibrations are obtained from a change in current on a permanent magnet. Then the paper or plastic diffuser begins to move above the magnet to create sound waves with vibration.


The frame of the columns is usually made ofStamped iron or aluminum. The reason for using such a material is the high rigidity of this material. This allows you to protect all internal parts of the speakers from external influences.

Permanent magnet

A permanent magnet is a detail thatConverts the electrical signal into mechanical sound vibrations. They cause the speaker cone to move and vibrate. A permanent magnet is attached to the column body. Such magnets are created by fusing iron oxides and strontium with a ceramic base in a mold. The mold is then heated prior to melting the mixture to create a ceramic magnet.


The voice coil is an electromagnet. The strength of the magnetic field in it varies depending on the strength of the incoming signal. These changes in the magnitude of the magnetic force between the coil and the permanent magnet cause periodic cyclic movements of the diffuser.


The diffuser is a component of the dynamics thatTransforms electromagnetic oscillations into sound ones. It comes into contact with the body of the speaker and electromagnet, while making free oscillations to create sound waves. Between the body and the diffuser is often a pad of soft elastic material. Such a buffer allows the diffuser to make movements in a larger range to create sound waves of a lower frequency. Diffusers can be made of various materials, including paper, mylar and plastic. Due to its availability and low cost, paper is the most popular material.


After all the details are assembled, the speakerMounted in the housing. The materials and shape of the case also affect the characteristics of the tonality and sound of the speaker. Often the case is used for wood, because it makes the sound more low and soft. Sometimes aluminum is used. For cheap models of speakers, plastic is usually used because of its cheapness.

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