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All about potatoes of grade Adretta


Potato "Adretta" has tubers withPale yellow flesh, which boils well during cooking. Tubers are very unusual and even in frost they do not lose their qualities and do not get an unpleasant sweetish taste.

All about potatoes of grade Adretta
Potato varieties "Adretta" was the result of workGerman breeders about two decades ago and made a furor on the market of this product. The fact is that this variety with the pulp of yellow color was first used to prepare culinary dishes. Before that time, only cattle were fed potatoes with yellow flesh.

What is potatoes of this variety?

Potato potato "Adretta" has the appearance of an uprightPlants with large leaves of light green color and abundant colors. Inflorescences spreading with a lot of white corollas. The tubers of "Adretta" are oval, having a pale yellow flesh and the same color to the skin with small small shoots. On average, one commercial tuber weighs 120-140 g. The average content of starch (about 16%) gives the pulp of the tubers a delicate friable structure during boiling and an extraordinary taste. Later, the breeders brought out several more varieties with a similar yellow flesh, but Adretta confidently led among its counterparts for a variety of characteristics.

In many ways, the popularity of this variety isGardeners-truck farmers is explained by extremely high yields - up to 45 tons per hectare. In addition, Adretta is unpretentious in care and very resistant to various viral diseases, adverse climatic conditions and pests. It is impossible not to note one more indisputable property of this variety - good lezhkost, that is, the ability to store. Gardeners note an extremely low percentage of spoilage of tubers due to rot, and most importantly - frostbitten tubers of the "Adretta" variety do not acquire an unpleasant sweet taste after that.

Features of care and cultivation

"Adretta" refers to medium-early varietiespotato, which is usually planted as soon as the snow melts and warms the earth lightly. After dropping off the potatoes in the period from late April to mid-May at the end of June and beginning of July, you can savor the young potatoes with herbs and butter. However, to fully harvest is recommended in late summer and early autumn, when the tubers are fully formed and reached its maximum size. Thus from one bush it is possible to collect more than 10 tubers.

But for all positive properties this variety,Of course, is not ideal. It is susceptible to a black stalk, scab, scallop and rhizoctonia. In addition, over the years, he lost much of his varietal qualities, although today the Germans are trying to repeat attempts to resume the variety.

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